Pt 3 Release Stress, Control Cortisol and Lose Fat

How to Reduce Stress

So for weight loss as well as overall health, here are 50 ways to reduce stress…..

  1. Practice meditation by closing your eyes and getting in touch with the present moment.
  2. Get a massage or ask someone close to you to give you one.
  3. Read a good book.
  4. Play a game of touch football, soccer, or basketball with friends or family.
  5. Turn off the news or news websites.
  6. Get a pet or spend time with someone else’s.
  7. Plant a garden.
  8. Go for a challenging bike ride.
  9. Practice daily self-affirmation in the mirror. Accept yourself.
  10. Hug someone you care about.
  11. Have a chill-out day. Stay home and relax.
  12. Write down all of the things you are thankful for – and read your list often.
  13. Create something-a painting, a poem, a flower arrangement-the possibilities are endless.
  14. Visit an aquarium and watch the fish. (or a pet shop!)
  15. Try talking therapy – CBT or NLP .


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Thanks.  Jax