Skinny with Cellulite? So Unfair!

skinnycelluliteEven women who are considered slender can and often do have cellulite, so it’s not just an overweight woman’s issue. And that’s what makes it even more mysterious.

Bizarre chemicals trigger stubborn fat
and cellulite to develop and flourish.

Did you know a recent study done on hundreds of non-industry workers showed that we now have around 100 new chemicals in our blood that were not present 40 years ago?

This can trigger a condition called “estrogen dominance” which is known to cause a series of health issues in females, not the least including the accumulation of stubborn fat particularly on the hips, thighs and belly.

Is it any wonder you can’t burn fat and get rid of your cellulite efficiently after years of toxic build up?

environment effect on cellulite
At this point you’re probably going to ask me: “OK, so you’re telling me I’m not naturally slim, my fat cells are different and that I am surrounded by a toxic environment… Is there ANYTHING I can possibly do to get rid of my cellulite and stubborn fat?”

The good news is that YES, you absolutely CAN do something about it. A lot in fact. However, you need to read the following information carefully.

The best solution is to specifically target these problems using my Smart Training program.

I’ve helped many clients challenge stubborn fat and cellulite problems over the years and now I know enough about the effect that hormones and the environment has on this frustrating, ugly fat.

Over the last four years I have researched and developed a revolutionary cellulite and stubborn fat removal system based on strategic diet and exercise principles. Specifically designed to target and obliterate cellulite and hard to budge fat stores, it will help you achieve that fit, firm and smooth figure you’ve always wanted.

What I discovered is that each and every one of us has our own individual “cellulite set point” that will determine at what point cellulite will become visible.

If your body fat percentage sits above this point you will have cellulite. And as your body fat increases, the worse your cellulite will appear.

I’m here to make this as easy as possible by guiding you on all the key factors that dramatically impact on your cellulite including:

Food Choices  +  Exercise Choices + Simple Environmental Fixes   =  Banished Cellulite!

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