10/10 Top Reasons to Drop Cardio for HIIT

10/10. The X Factors

The Xtra Factors that make the difference between a good session and a GREAT session, tough training and Smart training….

If you’ve followed this series of posts you’ll understand there’s a lot more to Metabolic HIIT training than just the science.


The benefits of High-intensity interval training also:

Add variety – there is no end to the combination of fitness activities that I build into my Smart HIIT workouts.


Save precious Time – you no longer have to slave away on the treadmill for an hour or more. The same benefits and so much more can be accomplished in under 20 minutes. That leaves me time to work on your movement quality and posture. Personalised pre-hab and re-hab routines top and tail each workout and you’ll still be done in under 45 minutes.


No equipment necessary – you need is your body to get a great workout. Obviously I have lots a equipment in my studio to keep things challenging but you’ll be amazed what I can do with a chair, a mat and a good imagination!

COMING SOON – do at home mini workouts that you can mix and match for your perfect session! Follow along videos that include Metabolic boosters, Pilates and Yoga – essential Preparation and Recovery sessions too….

No membership! No contract! No problem!

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Thanks. Jax.