Shocker – Your Exercise Program Might Cause Cellulite!

Eat right and train Smart to avoid this....

Eat right and train Smart to avoid this….

Bear with me though, because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or smoothness at the end of the dimples.

If you’re like most women, you focus on cardio for your fat-burning exercise. You think more and longer must be better. It’s a fair argument – until you understand the facts.

I hate to break it to you, but doing long cardio does not necessarily keep fat and cellulite at bay. In fact, hours of riding the exercise bike or running the treadmill actually ENCOURAGES muscle loss and stubborn fat storage.

Look at Lisa – Lisa was an avid runner, competing in endurance events like triathlons on a regular basis. Yet, she still couldn’t budge the fat from her lower body. After some simple but essential changes to her training routine, her shape changed remarkably. lisa b4 and after

Lean shapely muscle is vitally important to create a pleasing, balanced figure. This unsightly fat rests on top of muscle, and if the muscle is weak and soft, it will significantly contribute to the ‘bumpy’ effect of cellulite.

So, the right exercises will improve muscle tone and boost metabolism  shrinking fat cells fast.

So, what if you’re already doing resistance training but still have a soft, dimpled bum?

Good question.

If you have a desk job, you might already suffer from lower back or hip pain. It’s likely that you have very weak glutes.

It happens over a period of time from a combination of things like long periods of sitting, poor posture, incorrect lifting form and badly designed workouts, you know the ones that go on for 45mins plus and you can read or chat while doing them (useless and probably harmful)

So if you want to kiss cellulite and stubborn fat pockets goodbye, performing strategically programmed exercises in the right COMBINATIONS at the right TIMES is a must. There are 3 major keys you MUST take into account if you want to reduce and eliminate cellulite. The ‘secret’ to the success of my Smart Training System is my Metabolic Training methods that address all 3 issues in every workout session.

My Nutritional Coaching will teach you to eat clean and get the most from your training.  It’s important to adjust your food intake as your training progresses. The right plan will never leave you hungry, grumpy or bored with your meals.

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