Day 1 New Year New You

So if you’re like me you will make a resolution or two!
My health goal for this year is to continue making small changes to my diet each month, this month I will add a fresh smoothie to my breakfast routine.


In November some of us tried the fruit fast detox plan for a week or two. I was surprised how energised I felt, how easy the smoothies were to make and carry. We tried lots of variations to the 2 basic recipes, we tried swapping fresh fruit and veggies for juices, swapped fruit items and even made soups with them! All delicious and much simpler than juicing – bonus – all the fibre is used rather than discarded, it helped us to feel full and it was easy to successfully mix in protein powder when needed.

I really liked the beet root recipe, sweet to taste and great for hiding the healthful veg I don’t particularly like to cook and eat.

Decide today what your small change will be for January. ….

Maybe it will be to dust off the fitness equipment that’s been hidden away since last February, or just to stop bringing junk food home with your food shopping.


A client of mine made a huge change to the health of her family my emptying the junk drawer – you know the one full of snack bars, sweets and treats!
She filled it with nuts, seeds and a skipping rope! She said it made her realise that a minute of skipping would take her mind off her sweet cravings and a small handful of nuts or seeds would improve her skin, digestion and dentist bills!

What is your One Small Change?

Enjoy your day.

Happy New Year