Day 3 – New Year New You – Add or Avoid


The weekend is nearly here, and you need to buy your food supplies to feel full, energised and avoid hunger temptation.
When you cut out most of one food group you have to replace it with something. It’s really important to be prepared.
The food list below contains the foods you should avoid if you want to lose body fat, flip your metabolism to use your stored fat, improve your digestion, reduce inflammation and pain, increase energy levels and even improve sleep.

AVOID THESE as much as possible ….
Wheat and other grains
Added sugar and sweeteners
Artificial colours and flavours
Boxed, pre-packed and pre cooked meals

Free range Protein – eggs, fish, game, fowl, lean beef, lamb and pork.
Dark Green vegetables
Red fruits and veggies
Yellow and Orange fruits and veggies
Purple fruits and veg

Tomorrow we’ll talk about breakfast and why you have to decide how you want to eat it….

Step Healthy

Jax x