Day 4 – New Year New You – Breakfasts


My clients either love it or hate it. Hopefully none of them think that skipping this or any other meal is a sensible plan if health and fat loss is the goal!

The problem is that over the past 40 or 50 years we have all been programmed to believe that a cereal breakfast is THE Choice for health…. Sadly it’s NOT true.

If you’re eating your bowl of muesli or Kellogg’s cereal now – take a moment to read the contents and list of ingredients. Just look at the percentage of sugar in each 100g. Then look at total sugars- you’ll see that most of your calories will come from them.

Why start your day with a bowl of sugar when you avoid chocolates, cakes and pancakes because of the sugar calories. Ok, I hear you say that cakes and pastries are high fat too – and that’s true, however, fat is no where are bad for you as sugar is.


The ideal breakfast is high in protein, high in nutrients and keep you feeling full ’till lunch.
If you hate breakfast you can make a smoothie and add protein powder to kick start you day – get the consistency right and you can take it with you – you won’t even have to sit down.
If you love breakfast you can go to town – smoothie, eggs, veggies, coffee or tea and even some carbs if you train hard too!

My favourite breakfast is scrambled eggs with chopped veggies, good quality bacon or sausage and a beet root smoothie. I feel full for hours, never crave sweet snacks, can avoid carbs without any problem.


I’d like you to really think about your first meal of the day.
Consider –
The range of foods you choose
The nutrients you get from them
The number of calories
When do you feel hungry through the day?
What do you crave?


If you are starving or just crave snacks between meals it might be your body is crying out for other nutrients, you shouldn’t be hanging on the fridge door every hour or so looking for something to eat – the chances are you’re not hungry – just malnourished.

If you are trying to drop some pounds the easiest way is to just increase your protein intake. And I’m not going to make you live on chicken and tinned tuna! I believe in real food, a variety of free range proteins starting with eggs and including all fish and shell fish, game like rabbit, wild boar and venison to grass fed beef, spring lamb and of course slow grown pork like our own.

Add more locally grown veg than you think you can eat and your done. You won’t miss your biscuits, cereal bars and sandwiches. Your belly fat vanish quicker than ever before (that’s all down to sugar and alcohol) and love handles and muffin tops will melt away too (they’re related to starchy carbs- biscuits, fast cook oatmeal and crisps & chips) .


You will change your energy levels, digestion, concentration and even sleep patterns will improve.

Do this little test for me over the next week- write down every food you eat – not quantity or calories just the name of the food.
My physiology tutor told me that to have any chance of getting all the nutrients ( vitamins and minerals) we need at least 25 different foods a week.
So, for example yesterday I had-
Egg, pork, tomato, orange, apple, beet root, banana, lime, almond, spinach, chicken, sweet corn, sweet pepper, almond milk, mushroom.
So today I would only add different foods to the list for example-
Prawns, salmon, cauliflower, broccoli, pear, celery, avocado, almond butter, sesame, poppy seed

As you can see I have wide variety of foods daily and make sure I always get 25 different foods.

See how you get on – by the way three kinds of bread, and five types of cake don’t count!
Jax x
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