Day 5 – New Year New You- BB Diet overview

We all tempted by diets of some kind at this time of year. It might be a crash low calorie type, a detox or some celebrity endorsed crazy thing – remember Beyoncé and Maple Syrup?!

So here’s a plan that might suit you – includes lots of food, good nutrition and may solve your meal planning problems too.

For those of you that lone, Love, LOVE a proper breakfast…..

Big Breakfast Diet Plan

This is a simple plan to follow if you love a good, full English! Plus the odd protein shake if you exercise hard at least 3 times a week. (I’m not talking cardio/jogging or a legs tums and bums class!)
You will also be prepared to eat well within 90 minutes of waking up! If you train before breakfast you could double your fat loss!!

We now know that saturated fat won’t kill you (see earlier posts) but added sugars will – so this year my plans will lead you to freedom from sugar cravings, long term health, stable body fat and scale weight.

Day 1 of this plan is always a cheat day when you rest and relax, day 2 is a fast with as much exercise as you can fit in, you need to consider your exercise schedule to get your fat burning hormones working for you before you choose on which day of the week you will begin.

Days 3, 5 and 7 are always training days with days 4 & 6 are optional training days.

On days 3 – 7 you will focus on eating your daily calories, which I will calculate related to your current weight and body fat%, at breakfast time.

This plan will suit you if you don’t really care about cooking evening meals, are really busy through the day or travel a lot for work and never manage to organise packed lunches.
(You know who you are E & K)

You will supplement BCAA and quality Krill oil regularly through the day to ensure you lose only body fat.

Holland & Barrat have their penny sale in the UK at the moment and IDEAL time to get your supplements in! These little caplets maintain your lean muscle – that would otherwise be lost on any calorie reduced eating plan.

To qualify for this plan for FREE you must either be
A current member of my Smart Training system or
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So, get in touch NOW to book an appointment to see where you are now and work out your daily nutrient targets. This can work via email but you will need to calculate your body fat%.

Here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year.

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