Day 6 – New Year New You – supplements

Supplement 1. Krill or Fish Oils


You’ve probably heard that fish oils are BRILLIANT! But how much should you take?
If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I think these are best calculated in relation to your actual body statistics, your scale weight, your lean mass or sometimes your body fat.

Fish Oil Supplements

I suggest at least 1 gram per % body fat.
So if you have 15% bodyfat, you will consume 15 grams a day. If you have 25% bodyfat, you’ll consume 25 grams a day (spread evenly through meals).
This is to saturate the cell membrane and if you want to understand the biochemistry behind it’s effectiveness, there is piles of research on PubMed.

However, only do that for the first 2 weeks (preparation phase) and then we cut the dose in 1/2 and that is where you’ll stay (of course individual differences/responses must be factored in) but that’s the general formula.


The key is to use a product high in EPA and DHA (very hard to find) so get Krill Oil or another quality Fish oil – definitely not Cod Live oil. Generally you get what you pay for – if you get fishy burps – it’s NOT a quality oil!

If you are local to me and you want a full body analysis with me it takes only a few minutes and I then send your results and recommendations on to you.

If you’re still not sure about Fish Oils, just google the benefits – there’s very few aspects of a healthy body and mind that fish oils don’t support.

Tomorrow we look at your cheat day, because you will never stick to a plan that bans all your favourite foods! Plus, after a few days of calorie restriction your fat loss hormones take a dive, so you NEED to refeed to boost them.

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