Day 8 – New Year New You – Fasting

One-Day Fast


The One-Day Fast is designed to stimulate your fat loss mechanisms while supporting your general health and your hard earned lean muscles.

While I do not advocate water fasts, or even long-term juice fasts, decades of professional clinical experience and research have convinced me that healthy, short-term juice fasting is probably the best-kept secret around for good health, long-term weight loss and an overall feeling of well-being.

My clients have been using fasting as a way to speed up fat loss for years. Now, I refine the method to suit individual needs, the effect you are looking for and include supplements that will ensure only positive effects.

So, you’ll skip breakfast and all your other meals and replace them with your supplements –
– Krill oil and maybe a daily multi vitamin and mineral
– BCAA these are the best part of protein, come in capsule form and are calculated at about 6g per pound of lean body weight.
Obviously you need to know what that is!
BCAA are not cheap – but remember you only se them when you fast – so they cost less than the meal they replace!
You MUST hit your water target on your fast day.
This is calculated as half your scale weight (lbs) in ounces of water
For example you weigh 140lbs = 70 oz per day.

You try to fast for 24hrs
If you train before breakfast – start your fast in the evening. That way you train midway through your fast which gives the bast fat loss results.
If you train in the evening – start your fast in the morning after breakfast or even lunch, perhaps.

If you haven’t tried an intermittent fast plan – you should give it a go. Even a 17 hr fast will be beneficial.

Remember the more you are addicted to sugar and
/or starchy carbs the more difficult this part of the plan will be.

So make sure you have your cheat day/meal before your fast day!

If you look through the blog you’ll find a fruit fast detox plan – you could replace your water with the cranberry juice mix (unsweetened of course)

50:50 Cranberry Juice and Water
Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Ground Ginger
Fresh Orange & Lemon juice to taste
Heat mix through, allow to cool, store in e fridge or drink warm (it’s Christmas in a cup)
You can make about 2 litres and drink through the day.

Good Luck.

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Thanks Jax x