Day 9 – New Year New You – Supplement 2

20140107-145008.jpg</Make your healthy eating plan (AKA diet) Smart!

Smart dieting involves supplementing BCAA every 3 or 4 hrs while you are awake. So instead of having a meal you'll have calorie free fluids plus your BCAA caplets or powder.


We know that your body can absorb a limited amount of protein an hour- so it makes sense to supply this amount so your hard earned muscle tissue is preserved and you don’t waste your supplements or fabulous food.
On this big breakfast plan you have a huge calorie deficit compared to a normal diet, and so to protect your muscle, which would be the first thing to be converted into energy to replace any missing calories, you must supply easily absorbed protein throughout the day after your breakfast.

You are always in calorie balance- thousands of years of survival has ensured that your body will cope with a few hours of hunger. To make sure you have energy for any emergency your body will use stored body fat when you restrict calories especially carbs both sugars and starches.

But remember if you cheat every day or so with sugar and starches your body will never swap into fat metabolism.

That’s why it’s so important to eat clean for about a week before trying your first fast!

What else can you do to make your diet smart?
1. Train hard on your fast day – metabolic cardio training
2. Have a re-feed day before your fast.
3. Train heavy following your fast – metabolic resistance training

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