Day 15 New Year – New You : No More To Do Lists!

January is a time for resolutions, making changes, organising and planning for the future.
Next time you think about your health and fitness, maybe consider making a Habit List rather than a to do list.


Create a Habit List and write down the things that move you towards fat loss that you should do every day.


Things like eat 6 times a day, eating 10 servings of Fruit & Vegetables, like getting at least 30 minutes of exercise or activity each day and so on. Make these behaviours & actions habits and you’ll find it easier to do them and best of all your fat loss will be consistent.

It will take about 21 days of consistent effort but once you’ve done each of these things 21 times they will have become a habit.


Draw up a list with a checkbox for 21 days & stick it on your fridge where you can see it and tick off each habit successfully done each day.