Big Breakfast Study Notes

BB Diet  Study Notes

Yes You CAN eat proper food and LOSE FAT
Yes You CAN eat proper food and LOSE FAT

Okay, your head is probably full of do’s and don’ts and should’s and shouldn’ts. So just to recap, here are the basic rules to follow:

• Avoid microwave use‐‐whenever you can!

• Eat chemical free & free range as much as possible, especially meat and other animal products but including as much organic produce as you can.

• Eliminate toxins from your diet and from your environment as much as


• By increasing the proportion of protein you eat with less calories from carbohydrates and a reasonable but modest amount of fat, you can achieve the best combination of fat‐burning thermic effect and healthy diet.

• To make the most of the EPOC effect (that’s the post workout afterburn you get with right kind of exercise that’s included in my SMART training system) it’s important to include resistance

training  (MRT) and high intensity interval cardio training (MCT) in your exercise routine.  This will build muscle tissue while burning fat at an ideally efficient rate.

• Keep an eye on the glycemic values of your foods and take measures to keep

them low and your blood sugar stable. Remember GL (Glycemic Load) not GI.

• Stick to the plan – no exceptions. Absolutely no caffeine, dairy, wheat, alcohol, or processed foods. You’ll get directions for your cheat meals as we go through together.

• After your 21day period, switch to a 90/10 diet with at least 90% of your diet following the rules and no more than 10% of your diet consisting of “no‐no’s”.

With these principles in mind, a healthier, happier, trimmer you won’t be far behind. If you have any questions or concerns, please stay with me in our Facebook  group – enjoy your new life like I know you can!

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