3. Top Tips For Health – Raw Food

Eat More Raw Foods – lightly cooked Foods

Think about steaming your vegetables or stir frying (you can use water rather than oil)
Over cooked veggies have few nutrients for you to absorb – and without these nutrients there is little value to eating them at all.

Adding a side salad that varies a little everyday is a brilliant way to get your 5 a day – which is a minimum NOT a maximum figure.


Fruit is often eaten raw, many vegetables are great raw too – think crudités, baby carrots, avocado, mange tous I’m sure you can think of more.


Making veggies and fruits into smoothies is a great way to eat more raw foods and get the most out of them. You can hide vegetables that you dislike in a smoothie with very limited amounts of Apple or Pear as they are so sweet, they will mask bitterness completely.


I have an expensive juicer and I very rarely use it, mainly because the amount of waste – which contains fibre and nutrients in that fibre goes to compost. I now blend the same recipes into smoothies, make smoothie ice-pops and dilute into slush puppies.

Eat Better – Feel Better