2. Worst Ab Exercise EVER!


These, cradle style, crunch machine are dreadful!
Not only do they break, get in the way when you’re not using them – they don’t work.

You will spend hours doing tiny movements that do nothing to develop a strong core, flat abs or healthy back!

Most of your abdominal muscles are designed and placed to stabilise your torso and allow you to hold your position while you move your arms and legs about you.

If you want to activate your waist and back twisting muscles try these variations of planks.

An elbow plank that twists from side to side will challenge your core.


Try this straight arm version, notice the long body with natural curve in the lumbar spine.


You can even add resistance for a further challenge.
30 seconds of any of these exercises will elicit changes in strength and shape.


Eat Clean – Exercise Smart.