Superfood – Artichokes

Health Benefits of Artichokes


One vegetable that people turn their nose up to far too often is the artichoke. Often this vegetable is neglected not even because of its taste, but because many simply don’t know how to prepare it properly.
The artichoke is a nutrient goldmine, so it is a food that you want to make sure you are including in your diet on a regular basis.
Let’s freshen up your knowledge of what this superfood has to offer so that you can see why you should add it to your menu this week.
Did You Know?
· Artichokes rank very high as a top rated vegetable that you can consume as far as antioxidant potential goes. This means they put up a powerful defense against oxidative damage due to free radicals that you come into contact with on a day to day basis
· Artichokes offer powerful protection against breast and prostate cancer, so those with a family history of these diseases will especially want to include artichokes in your diet.
· Artichokes can help to enhance the health of the liver, causing cell regeneration to take place.
· Artichokes promotes a better digestive system, helping you absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.
· This vegetable can act as a natural diuretic for the body, so can be a natural treatment for women who are suffering from water retention due to PMS.
· Some people even report that consuming the leaves of an artichoke helps to lessen the side effects of a hangover, so this can be a more natural remedy after a late night out
· One large artichoke will provide you with 25% of your total daily fibre intake, helping you easily meet your nutrient requirements

Star Nutrients
Folic Acid
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6

How They Help You Lose Weight
Artichokes are a great food if you’re interested in fat loss because they contain so much dietary fibre, they will help to keep your energy levels more regular and reduce hunger for hours after you eat them.
In addition, the potassium found in artichokes can encourage stronger muscular contractions and energy levels, so you can workout harder.