1/5 Fat Loss Truths – Calories.

1/5 Fat Loss Truths


When it comes to fat loss nutrition, there are only a few things you need to think about.
Don’t be put off by confusing advice, expensive meal replacement schemes or slimming clubs that keep you dependent on them. You need to learn how to control your own diet, gradually lose body fat and keep it off for good! No more rebound weight gain. EVER!

1st – to lose fat, gradually DECREASE total calories.
Start by eating less. Here are some easy strategies to make it happen.
Next time you have a meal, try one of these options to reduce your overall calories by about 20%.
Use slightly smaller plates, leave a little food on your plate, stop eating when you feel satisfied rather than tummy busting full, stick with one serving – no second helpings. The idea is to get used to having a little less food each meal.
Don’t think that low fat or low sugar options are a good idea – they are highly processed and full of substitutes that will sap your energy and usually taste dreadful. Better to have foods you love, just a little less of them.

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