Did You get A Good Workout Today?

Did you get in a good workout today?

Let’s talk about muscle soreness and what it means … Today, and all week we’ll look at the issues that surround training intensity and effect.


How do you know whether it was good or not?

There are many ways to judge…..

1. Did you break a good sweat?
2. Did you do more than usual?
3. Did you get a good burn on?
4. Did you decrease your time?
5. Did you increase your distance?
Some of these are more subjective measures than others. But that doesn’t mean one is a better or worse way of judging your physical activity.

While numbers are an objective way of judging and mapping progress, how you feel matters, too.

And, interestingly, a lot of us — especially beginners — judge a workout by how they feel after the session has ended. Both immediately and for the next several days. And this is despite how much effort they put in or what their form was like!

For a metabolic effect you must hit a few targets..
Heat – you must get hot ( some of us don’t sweat much)
Burn – muscle burn
Heavy – overload your muscles
Hard – intensity must be high.

More next tomorrow …….

Eat Clean. Train hard. Expect Results


3/5 Fat Loss Truths – Carbs

5 Fat Loss Truths


When it comes to fat loss nutrition, there are only five important things you need to think about.
Don’t be put off by confusing advice, expensive meal replacement schemes or slimming clubs that keep dependent on them. You need to learn how to control your own diet, gradually lose body fat and keep it off for good! No more rebound weight gain. EVER!

Today we
3rd – to create the right environment for fat loss, gradually DECREASE carbs.
You eat less sugar and starches – like processed grains. Eating too much of these foods can wreak havoc on your bloodstream, increasing hormones that lead to fat gain.
Look at the amount of sugars and starchy carbs you eat with your meals. An adult male should eat less than one fist size portion of carbs, a adult female should take in about half that amount.
You should cut down on both kinds of carbs – foods with added sugar like fizzy and still drinks, juices, sauces, dressings, sweets, puddings and other processed foods. Starchy carbs that are processed like pasta, bread, cake and also potato and rice.

Next time we’ll look at grains and greens!

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#3 STOP Cheating For The WRONG Reasons

#3 STOP Cheating For The WRONG Reasons
#3 STOP Cheating For The WRONG Reasons

There are SPECIFIC reasons you should cheat…and there are specific reasons you should not cheat. In order for you to keep making progress with your fat loss goals, you must understand the difference.

For example, if you have no energy or drive when you move and exercise, this is a good indication you may need to “spark” your metabolism with a cheat meal or a cheat day.

If you’re always feeling cold or getting the chills a lot during a long bout of dieting, this is a clear indication your metabolism is slowing down and you may need extra cheat food calories. Strategic cheating will heat you up in a healthy way and stoke your metabolism to get fat loss moving again. This usually happens in leaner individuals and doesn’t mean every time it’s cold outside you have an excuse to cheat!

But the most important reason to reward yourself with cheat food is to reboot fat burning hormones like leptin and provide a metabolic spark for your thyroid. When you cut calories and start losing weight it takes less than one week before your thyroid activity slows and leptin levels drop off significantly. Strategic cheating is the fastest way to manipulate and reset both of these fat burning hormones pushing them back up to healthy levels.

The minute your thyroid activity and leptin levels return back to normal you’ll instantly experience an increased metabolic rate and continued fat loss. But again, it only works if you know how to eat cheat the right way. If you don’t, this entire process will backfire on you and you’ll keep taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back week after week. There’s NO quicker way to give up altogether than trying hard for no results.

That’s why I’ve spent the last five years perfecting a way to use your favourite foods for faster, permanent Fatloss.

The biggest nutrition breakthrough takes all the guesswork out of long term dieting once and for all.

If you’re local you can book a FREE session with me to understand why and how to go from here.

Eat Clean. Feel Great


Simple Exercise Rules

Simple keys to exercising properly

1. Start now. Get moving; do some exercise and do it right away.
How long will you wait for your transformation to begin?
This week? This month? Decide NOW or you’ll be reading this again next year!

2. Mix it up. Mix calorie-burning exercise (“cardio”) with muscle-preserving exercise (weight training).
My clients get a mixture of metabolic cardio and resistance training every session!
You should too! You must get out of breath, your muscles must fatigue and ache, and you should long for your next very short break!

3. Build up to 5 hours (slowly). Gradually work your way up to 5 hours of total exercise per week.
That’s less than 45 minutes of activity a day!
You can aim for your 10,000 steps a day or
Choose a 30 minute HIIT session.
Any activity will get you closer to your fat loss target.

4. Progressive overload. Track what you do, and challenge yourself to do a little more, or a little better, every day”
Don’t stick with the same exercises, the same weights routine or the same weekly routines.
Your body adapts in just a couple of weeks – don’t waste your workout time! PROGRESS!

5. As long as you do those 4 things, you’ll lose fat quickly and for good. You’ll build some strong, shapely muscles too. You’ll be able to eat more without regaining body fat. You’ll have more energy, feel great and look fabulous.

Jax Allen