#2 of 10 Strategies for Fat Loss and Healthy Eating on a Budget

#2 of 10 Strategies for Fat Loss and Healthy Eating on a Budget

Does Eating Healthy Really Cost More? When I hear people say they can’t afford to eat healthy, I ask them to tally up their bills. While grass-fed beef or wild-caught salmon might seem pricy, overall folks discover they save money eating healthier and bypassing overpriced processed and convenience foods. I had a client who spent nearly £5 every weekday morning on a coffee-shop latte and low-fat muffin!

Studies prove eating healthy ultimately saves money. One found “convenient sources are less healthy and more expensive than a well-planned menu from budget foods available from large supermarket chains.”

You might be surprised too how you can stretch your food budget.

2. Buy frozen and stock up. I simply forgot about it: I bought heads of organic cauliflower, had a change in plans, and the poor things just wilted in my fridge crisper drawer. Darn it: Money down the drain!

Frozen foods eliminate that problem and save you money. You can buy weeks’ — months’ — worth of frozen kale, raspberries, and other favorites to store in your freezer, so you always have essentials for soups, shakes, stews and side dishes.


Here’s the thing: You can always earn more money, but you can’t put a price on your health. You can’t put a price on setting a healthy example for your kids.

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