The #1 WORST Exercise For Fat Loss?

The #1 WORST Exercise For Fat Loss?

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

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In this day and age, most people want to lose fat and not gain it, right?

Well, for most people, they can be extremely successful.

But, for others, they may be on the wrong track when it comes to fat loss.


Because they are still doing the WORST exercise when it comes to losing weight…

Cardio and Weight Loss

One of the most common exercises – cardio – may be a staple in many people’s fat loss program.

However, what they don’t realize – and you may be one of them – is that this type of exercise is the WORST exercise when it comes to losing fat.


Well, one reason: cardio tends to destroy muscle tissue, which could negatively impact your metabolic rate.

In fact, steady state cardio – when done for longer than 30 minutes – may shift from burning fat to burning your precious, metabolism-boosting muscle tissue.

Result = lower metabolism and more fat GAIN.

But the harmful effects of cardio don’t stop there!

Cardio can damage joints (repetitive pounding), alter your posture, and negatively impact your body composition.

And this could lead to YOU becoming overweight…

Having MORE unsightly belly fat…

And, causing negative impacts to your health!

But, there is a SOLUTION that will not only SHRED your belly fat, but will IMPROVE your cardiovascular system as well…

Interval Training and Fat Loss

The BEST way to burn fat is to avoid cardio, and shift your workouts to interval training.

Interval training – using high- and low-intensity periods, has been shown in research to burn fat and get you in the best shape – FASTER!

Not only that, but interval training spares your muscle tissue and utilizes your fat stores for energy.

This improves your body composition (less body fat and more muscle)…

Improves your cardiovascular system…

And, gets you a noticeably flatter stomach (and other areas)!

Oh, and the BEST part…

You end up burning MORE calories AFTER the workout is over (referred to as afterburn).

Unlike interval training, the minute you stop doing cardio, you also stop burning calories.

This may be one factor that contributes to extra weight – and fat – gain.

Start Burning (not storing) Fat Today

If you’ve ever walked through the “cardio” room at your local gym, then you can see first-hand why cardio is NOT the answer.

Most people who do cardio, pretty much look the same – meaning there is very little change in their body composition.

And this is precisely why cardio is NOT the answer.

Cardio has been shown to eat away at your metabolism-boosting muscle tissue and preserve your fat stores.

So if you want to burn fat this summer, then you should be including more interval training into your workout.

Interval training has been shown to boost fat loss, preserve lean muscle mass, and extend the calorie burn post-workout (up to 72 hours).

This type of exercise may get you shredded faster than your boring, run-of-the-mill treadmill session.

Include interval training today to boost your fat loss and improve your overall results.

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Eat Clean. Train Hard. Lose Fat!!
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