Protein as Bad as Smoking! Really……

This was all over the web yesterday, and it’s bound to be picked up in other media soon!

If you read the article the study doesn’t really tell us much more than we’ve known for years – in that variety is key, don’t rely only on red meat protein sources, that nutrition needs change with time and MOST IMPORTANT – press releases cherry pick facts from scientific studies to make ‘good’ story.

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I rate protein sources this way….

Swimmers beat flyers, flyers beat runners, runners beat growers.
In other words – choose wild, shell fish and fish first, then free range chicken, turkey and game next. Then grass fed meat and game followed by vegetable sources including beans and legumes.

Diabetes is mentioned – which will worry many people reading it – this disease has many contributing factors one of which is OVER consumption of grains!

This article doesn’t give any demographic breakdown on the studied group or reference to their activity level.

You should really read the story I found on ‘High-protein diet ‘bad as smoking’ (’

Sent by Jackie Allen