#3 of 10 Strategies for Fat Loss and Healthy Eating on a Budget

#3 of 10 Strategies for Fat Loss and Healthy Eating on a Budget

Does Eating Healthy Really Cost More?

Studies prove eating healthy ultimately saves money.

You might be surprised how easily you can stretch your food budget.

3. Skip convenience foods. Knowing you’re short on time, supermarkets cash in on pre-sliced veggies, trimmed-and-cleaned chicken breasts, and pre-cooked — well, just about everything.


Once you realise pre-prepped broccoli florets cost twice as much as organic broccoli heads and you could buy a whole bird for the same cost as four chicken breasts, decide that saving a little time isn’t worth spending the extra money. What making foods from scratch demands in time often saves in money.


Here’s the thing: You can always earn more money, but you can’t put a price on your health. You can’t put a price on setting a healthy example for your kids.

Eat Clean – Feel Better