FREE Fatloss Fitcamp places to give away…


Perhaps you or someone you know would appreciate this opportunity?

I’m looking for 4 people with more than 20lbs to lose.
You don’t have to be a regular exerciser, a gym member or expert dieter.

You do need to be keen to learn how to change your eating patterns and lifestyle for a better, more active AND healthier future!

You’ll get –
* 3 small group fatloss sessions every week
* 1 weekly Pilates session
* 1 weekly weigh in and measure up
* 1 weekly body composition analysis
* 1 PT session with me to establish goal and your starting point
* simple eating plan adapted to your likes and dislikes.

Fatloss Sessions are no more than 40 minutes duration
You will be able to pre book sessions week by week

Half price extensions to your first course are available too!

To qualify send an email to me at
Tell me why you should get this weeks FREE place…..
Become one of my success stories.

Your Goals. My Passion. Our Success!

Good Luck