Reclaim Your Health #3 Filter Your Water BUT Drink MORE !

Reclaim Your Health #3 Filter Your Water

Remove chlorine and chlorine compounds
Remove any heavy metals – lead, copper from household pipe work


You need to drink (or eat- cus you’ll get loads of water from fruits and vegetables)

What about coffee and tea? Despite what bottled water companies tell the press – the water in your drinks count too.

But coffee dehydrates you! Not so much that it counteracts the amount of water in your cup.

So, you have lots of options – even if you don’t like plain old water.

How Much?
Measure your weight in pounds – then drink half that number in ounces.
E.g. 10 stones = 140lbs = 70 fluid ounces (3.5 pints) from food and drinks.

Enjoy, you’ll feel so much better for it

Remember if you’re trying to lose body fat you must never get dehydrated..

Eat Clean. Train Hard. Feel Great