#4 Clean Eating How? – Fats

Health Fats


Not all fat is bad. You just need to know which ones to eat and which ones to avoid. Some unsaturated fats make the clean eating healthy list. While you don’t want to eat them in excess, you’ll want to consume plant based fats including olive, flax and other nut and seed oils.
NEVER heat these oils. Vegetable oils convert to dangerous trans fats when heated.
Saturated fats from free range meat is absolutely fine. They do NOT cause your cholesterol to rise.

Eat Clean and Feel Great

#3 Clean Eating But How? – Lean Protein

Lean Protein


Lean proteins are low in fat, calories, cholesterol and are great diet foods that are also clean. Most often, people who eat clean food purchase naturally fed and organic animal proteins to avoid added chemicals and growth hormones. For leaner options, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute suggests trying turkey and chicken instead of beef, egg whites instead of a whole egg, beans and fish fillets.