GI or GL Why Should I Bother?

Your heart will thank you!

What is GI?
It’s the glycemic index value, or sugar content, measured in 100g portion of your foods.

What is GL?
It’s the glycemic load, or the sugar content in a normal portion of your foods.

I prefer to use GL just because you don’t normally eat 100g of many foods. So, comparing portion values gives you a better idea of which foods will effect your health and body fat!


Harvard University found that women who eat lots of refined carbohydrates have 10% less good cholesterol. This good cholesterol keeps your heart healthy.
They also had 76% more triglycerides which is a very toxic fat.
So start controlling the sugars in your diet!

Question for you…
How many servings of these foods do you have daily?
White bread, bagels or rolls
White rice or rice cakes
Jacket or mashed potatoes, chips or potato crisps
Cornflakes, rice cereals or honey-covered cereals

Score 1 point for every serving.

More info soon!