#2 Cheat Foods – it’s A Load Of Poop

Step 2: Eliminate.

Eliminate foods that have trans fats or irritate your bowels — due to inflammation — within a 24 hour period of time.
If you notice straining while going to the bathroom, this counts.
If you notice the consistency of your feces changing substantially and no longer in ‘log’ formation, your digestive tract is disturbed, and this will also hinder your fat loss.

This Is where your food diary comes in, you must work day by day through. your regular foods and then record any effects on your poop

Look at the Bristol stool chart to recognise what is normal for you. Then you will notice changes relating to the different cheat and favourite foods you add into your normal routine.


Happy Pooping!


Mission Visible Abs- at Any Age #4- control blood sugar

Visible Abs Over 50

#4 – No roller coasters If you want visible abs, your job is to control insulin spikes since your body will not burn fat in the presence of insulin.


The hormone, insulin is released into the blood stream in response to carbohydrates. When you control your carbohydrate intake, your fat loss efforts will pay off. Plus you won’t get crazy energy swings or cravings!

Eat clean. Train hard. Feel great