Tight Hip Flexor / Quads Prevent 6 Pack!

Why Tight Hips Will Block Your 6 Pack!


1. Muscle Tightness beats muscle contractions – if your muscles are tight it will inhibit muscles from working or contracting efficiently. A tight HFQ (Hip Flexor/Quad) complex blocks your inner abs from contracting and working efficiently. Therefore they will struggle to develop.


2. Places the Low back in wrong position – Tight HFQ muscles place your low back and pelvis in a very challenging position when it comes to allowing your abs to work effectively. As a result your abs are always working in a very non-efficient length which again makes it hard for them to develop


3. Over active Muscle dominate other muscles – everyone does crunches and sit-ups which train the rectus abdominus and hip flexors to often become over active. As a result these muscle become dominate and shut off the obliques and transverse abdominus which are the key muscles behind a 6 pack.


4. 3 of the 4 Key Abdominal muscles run obliquely or transversely. If your HFQ complex is tight, it will create a loss of Rotation and side bending. Therefore you are unable to train obliquely and transversely so those muscle will not develop.


Bottom Line
The fact is you must have mobile hips in all 3 planes of motion so you can load and train the abs the way they were wired up to work.

My Hot Yoga will Give the deep stretch to get your hips mobile.

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