Recover Better with Yoga!

3. Recovery yoga



Unfortunately, when I tell people to take days off from their training program they tend to stop moving altogether on those days—often sitting at a desk for 8 hours before coming home to sit on the couch for 5 more.

“Off-days” become sedentary days, and that makes you very sore when you get back to working out. This muscle soreness stops you moving well, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of your metabolic workouts.

If sore muscles keep you from feeling like you can move, how can you be expected to really work hard during your training sessions?

Remember, you’re going to be doing intense, total body metabolic circuits—if any part of your body is inhibited, it’ll affect how much you’re able to put into and get out of your workouts.

Not to mention that when you feel this extreme soreness, you’re really unlikely to stay consistent with your workouts, and as we all know, consistency is the key to fat loss. If soreness forces you to skip a bunch of workouts, you’re not going to stay on track and you won’t see results.

When your muscles are sore after a challenging weight training workout, what they really need isn’t dormancy—it’s blood flow. That’s why it’s important to incorporate active recovery on your off days, encouraging blood flow to broken down muscle tissue.

Yoga is the perfect form of active recovery because it’s no impact, total body, and works on flexibility and mobility—all in one.

Practicing yoga on your off days will help you train harder on gym days by improving blood flow through active recovery and diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness

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