Soy Danger #1 – Belly Fat

Soy Danger #1:
Hidden Toxins That Make You Store MORE Belly Fat

With more people thinking about dietary protein sources and women considering hormones and health I thought I could answer some questions you may gave about soy and why I do NOT think it’s a healthy option!


EVERY living organism in nature has some sort of defense mechanism.

While animals use obvious weapons like claws and teeth to survive, certain plants like soy use special toxins that are linked to several health problems, which can potentially screw up your hormones.


Here are 6 examples…

Natural toxins: Impair your digestive system.

Phytates: Prevent you from absorbing certain minerals.

Enzyme inhibitors: Hinder protein digestion.

Goitrogens: Interfere with your thyroid function and metabolism.

Phytoestrogens (Isoflavones): Genistein and daidzein, which mimic the fat storing hormone estrogen. They’re also shown to increase your risks of hypothyroidism by 3 fold. (1)

Haemaggluttin: Causes red blood cells to clump together and inhibits oxygen uptake and growth.

Now you can probably see why Asians have been using a process called “fermentation” for years now. It gets rid of most of the anti-nutrients, allergens and hormone-disrupting compounds found in raw soy beans.


[Question: What about fermented and unfermented soy?

Answer: Foods made with fermented soy are thought to be healthier than those made with unfermented soy. Examples of foods made with fermented soy are miso, tempeh, and naturally brewed soy sauce.

Tofu and soy milk are examples of foods made with unfermented soy, although sometimes, tofu, once it’s made, is fermented to produce fermented tofu dishes in East Asian cooking – mostly Chinese.]


Go to the Alpro web site and they proudly describe their process for soy milk – simply grinding beans and adding water. NO fermentation there!

But everywhere, no one seems to care! And companies carelessly put hormone-disrupting raw soy in soymilk, soybean oil, soy patties and tofu – which increases fat storage, drains your energy, and HARMS your body.


Click to access b9s11-1.pdf

Think about it……

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