Exercise Why Bother?

Excuses! Excuses!
We all have them, we all use them – but should we?
Here’s the one I hear most often…..

‘I just don’t have the time to exercise’

How many times have you heard this?
How many times have you said this?

Having just coached my group of determined, very busy, working Mums at 06:30 this morning it becomes even more obvious that there really is NO valid excuse when it comes to exercise.

I’m bound to say that, I hear you say, as a Fitness Instructor I KNOW we should ALL move EVERY day.

Not having the time to exercise is a lame excuse (harsh? but true).

The benefits of exercise constantly get short changed. It is true that exercise is good for enhancing weight loss but that isn’t where the benefits stop.

-> Exercise is essentially an anti-diabetes drug.

-> Exercise is one of the few surefire ways to enhance the cardioprotective effects of your ‘good’ cholesterol.

-> I’m in 100% convinced that the 2 most powerful ways that you can slow the aging of your brain and body: exercise and meditation

A client paid me a great compliment the other morning, it was a chilly, dark and soggy morning, yet she had set her alarm, put her kit ready for her pre-breakfast exit to work towards her goals.


As we warmed up she explained how a friend couldn’t believe she was coming to group exercise so early!
That’s when she paid me the nicest complement –
“The body of an 18 year old when she’s about 50! Is reason enough to get up and do whatever Jax says!”
Very sweet – especially as I’m 57, and I’d be quite happy with the body of a (fit) 30 year old.

Youth is wasted on the young, and all that!

So, don’t waste a bough moment dreaming, thinking and putting off what you need to do.

Go Walk this lunchtime. Not fast, just get moving.

Eat Clean, Train Smart, Expect Results!