Crush Pre Menstrual Cravings

How your Menstrual Cycle effects your Metabolism and Fatloss potential.

The Pre-menstrual craving phase.
You will notice increases in both hunger and work intensity, as well as increased cravings for sweet and fatty foods. The cravings are likely a result of the falling estrogen and progesterone levels premenstrually, both of which have receptors sites in the brain and influence chemical balance.
Craving Killer Recipe
– unsweet cocoa powder
– BCAA supplements mixed in water
Will deal with this as it will re-balance those chemicals. (cocoa raises serotonin and dopamine & BCAA increase GABA). Ironically chocolate, most especially dark chocolate, a popular craving at this time. Cocoa powder allows a calorie free brain chemistry treatment specific to this issue.




So, plan for your cravings, mark your cycle on your calendar and have your ingredients ready.

Eat Clean. Train Smart. Expect Results.