Eat Everything!

Eat Everything!

Some people have a hard time with the idea of enjoying food, I think that feeling good is part of enjoying life and being healthy. We all have to eat- right?


Of course, if you struggle with this part of your “food story”, and would like to rewrite it to include joy, freedom, and deliciousness – all the while working toward a better body – I can help.

Cheating Well
Most people have come across the idea of cheating on a diet… But most find it difficult to let go, eat what they really want. Frightened that once they start they won’t stop! They choose ‘naughty’ foods that are not really what they crave and long for – the trigger foods that, in the past, have led to a binge. I want you to be completely honest and select your favourite treats.


I’m not talking some low-fat, gluten-free, protein-packed, artificially sweetened, possibly-hiding-beets, “healthy” version of a treat. I’m suggesting you include your REAL favourite foods – Pizza, Pasta, Roasters or Chips, Cake, Coke, Beer, Wine, Takeaways, Sweets, Chocolate, Cheese, BREAD…. You get the idea. From a fat loss point of view I need you to relax every 4-7 days to allow your hormones to re-set.

You will plan your cheat meal to include your REAL favourite foods, you’ll take your time selecting, eating and maybe sharing the experience with family and friends. I want you to eat guilt free, no shame, no rushing – but with intent, give yourself time to enjoy with all your senses – knowing that you’ll be increasing your Fatloss results over the following days.

Deciding how often and how many cheat meals you have is my job. Together we have to look at your physical activity, work output, diet and lifestyle.
You might fear that you’ll revert back to your ‘old thinking’ about food – fearing some ‘bad’ foods ….. Which is crazy, no food is BAD in itself! Your attitude to food may be the reason you have gained weight and unhealthy eating habits?

Over time we’ll work on what you eat, when you eat and how you eat and importantly what you believe about food. Your nutrition will improve, cravings vanish and stored body fat melt away.

Eat Clean. Train Hard. Expect Results.