Foods To Avoid #1

#1 – Commercially Processed Salad Dressing

  What are salads? Typically, we would describe salads as a healthy meal, comprising mainly of vegetables and sometimes fruits, nuts and other accompaniments that provide nutrition or some appeal. YES! Salads can be good for us. However, when considering foods we MUST NOT eat, consider the commercially processed salad dressings that are being sold to accompany the salads we eat. These types of dressings can contain TONS AND TONS of unwanted calories.

Commercially Processed Salad Dressing

The loophole we face with salads is that these foods are usually not served alone. The dressing seems and most times IS the perfect thing to associate with a salad. Without a salad dressing, the salad can taste bland and uninviting. To satisfy to this market need, commercially produced salad dressings can contain ingredients to make this salad dressing product taste appealing. Hence, we NEED to be aware of this food.