Active Seniors Set 2017 Resolutions

Gloucester Seniors Set Resolutions for 2017
While most people are still deciding what their 2017 New Year’s resolutions will be, members of Take Heart Support Group in Gloucester are ending 2016 as they intend to begin 2017, by building on the firm foundation of physical activity they have already established. Over the past 20 or more years, with their instructor Jackie Allen, they have been attending weekly exercise classes at Elmscroft Community Centre, Barnwood.
Jackie, an independent fitness instructor since 1983 said, “Our senior fitness classes improve balance, strength and flexibility, but we also have a good time in class and encourage community-building social interaction. The group organise walks, raffles and outings. 

Many of our members and carers find us after they complete their Cardiac rehab program at Gloucester Royal, others come to us from their GP, but for many it’s word of mouth. The group has grown from a single weekly class to four, under a dozen members to over sixty. 
Established to offer support to those with CardioRespiratory Disease following heart attack, bi-pass, angina, pacemakers etc. Membership is now offered to those following stroke, breathing difficulties, diabetes and hypertension and mobility difficulties. 

Members report that they are happier, as well as healthier, as a result of participation in the classes. Jackie has been collecting certifications to improve the efficiency, safety and enjoyment of the sessions. She’s recently gained two internationally recognised awards from The Functional Aging Institute plus the level 3 ActiveOlder Adult award in the U.K. 

She says ‘too many instructors see baby boomers as weak, feeble and past it! The truth is my members are dedicated, vibrant and game to try anything I offer them.They are Zoomers!’ 

Science shows that it is never too late to improve physical fitness, Take Heart members range in age from a youthful 56 to a spritely 90! All benefiting from physical activity, friendship and fun. 

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If you are a Gloucestershire senior making healthy resolutions for 2017, consider visiting Take Heart and checking out its fitness classes. 
Classes affiliated to the British Heart Foundation meet for
Keep Fit & Active – walking pace sessions Monday and Friday from 10:15 to 11:15 
Sit n Be Fit classes Monday and Friday from 11:15 to 12:15 are wheel chair and buggy friendly. 
Partners and carers are always welcome. Between classes refreshments are served with plenty of lively chat. 
For more information Email Jackie at  
Call Ernie on 07899 851078 or Shirley on 07732 977441
Elmscroft Community Centre. Coronation Grove. Barnwood. GL2 0SS