Breakfast Bootcamps Restart

The gang are getting back together again. You are very welcome to join us!

Starting tuesday 17th & Thursday 19th April 2018


Every Tuesday and Thursday @ Sports Direct Gym Cheltenham. We meet in the lounge area from 06:00 when the club opens up.

Think, in just 4 short weeks you could be a dress size down, have lost unhealthy body fat have more energy and have improved your diet no end!!

We’re looking forward to dropping body fat and gaining lean, shapely muscle too.

We’ve been without a training base for the last year, so we’re excited to start training again.

Don’t worry if you’re not fit- we don’t believe in hi impact, thrash sessions without purpose or design. I select exercises that can be simply adapted for everyone, I’ll teach you how to work to YOUR own best level. Yes, you’ll be sore for the first week or so – but that will pass and you will see real changes in your shape before the end of the plan.

If you’re like us you’ll love it and decide to continue training because you love how fit and lively you feel!

Follow the nutrition plan and in week 3 you may find clothes don’t fit anymore.

IMPRESS your friends, IMPROVE your health, INVEST in in your future!

Start anytime…. Don’t wait…..

JOIN US!! Only £50 for 4 weeks

text me :

07831 680086

email me :


We look forward to meeting you, having some fun and feeling GREAT!!

To set your starting points and nutrition plan I offer a 1 to 1 for every member of the group. Book yours with me to guarantee you get the most from your plan. We’ll repeat this monitoring at the end of your 4 weeks to measure your success.

See you soon

Jax & co.