Tips Before You Start Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Tips #1
Bring to class: a water bottle, a beach-size towel, and your yoga mat ( although we have a nice padded floor- so don’t worry if you don’t have one)


Hot Yoga Tips #2
Wear lightweight, form-fitting clothes. Women typically wear shorts, a sports bra, and a tank top and men usually wear shorts and a tank top or go shirtless.

Hot Yoga Tips #3
No mobile phones on the mat. Secure your phone and keys in lockers.

Hot Yoga Tips #4
Drink plenty of water, including an extra litre on the day of class. Try coconut water.


Hot Yoga Tips #5
Avoid eating heavy foods in the two hours prior to your class. It is best to come on an empty stomach.



Hot Yoga Tips #6
Arrive 10-15 minutes early to class the first day so we can give you guidance and help you find the right spot in the Sweat Box.

Hot Yoga Tips #7
Class will begin as promptly as possible; in order to respect the meditation of the other students, late arrivals (after 5-6 minutes) will not be admitted.

Hot Yoga Tips #8
Be prepared to sweat a lot and have LOTS OF FUN!


Most important if you want a spot in class you must remember to book!

My Hot Yoga classes run on Sundays 11:00 from 3/8/14 at
Trojan Free Fighters
Martial Art School
GL51 8PL
07976 001161

Or text me on 07831680086

Eat Clean. Train Smart. Feel Great!

Pilates Sessions for Everyone

pilates for everybody logo

Mat Pilates Training


Over 35 exercises can be performed on the mat. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced exercises are introduced clients develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and mental awareness.

Mixed-Ability Pilates   Tuesday 19:45 Thursday 18:00

A series of flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation exercises performed on a mat.

Beginner Pilates

Creates awareness of breath, body alignment, core stability and understanding the mat series of exercises.

Core Mat   Tuesday 18:00

A selection of classic and modern Pilates exercises focusing on the development of a strong, balanced core. Abdominal and back are challenged along with mobility and flexibility of the spine.

Fit Pilates (Fitness Pilates)  Monday & Wednesday 18:00

This contemporary approach to pure Pilates is ideal for fitness enthusiastsIt’s a powerful and challenging, safe and effective way to balance your other training programs.

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These sessions run at my Wellness Studio in Cheltenham  Hayden Hill Studio GL51 0SW