Big Breakfast Study Notes

BB Diet  Study Notes

Yes You CAN eat proper food and LOSE FAT
Yes You CAN eat proper food and LOSE FAT

Okay, your head is probably full of do’s and don’ts and should’s and shouldn’ts. So just to recap, here are the basic rules to follow:

• Avoid microwave use‐‐whenever you can!

• Eat chemical free & free range as much as possible, especially meat and other animal products but including as much organic produce as you can.

• Eliminate toxins from your diet and from your environment as much as


• By increasing the proportion of protein you eat with less calories from carbohydrates and a reasonable but modest amount of fat, you can achieve the best combination of fat‐burning thermic effect and healthy diet.

• To make the most of the EPOC effect (that’s the post workout afterburn you get with right kind of exercise that’s included in my SMART training system) it’s important to include resistance

training  (MRT) and high intensity interval cardio training (MCT) in your exercise routine.  This will build muscle tissue while burning fat at an ideally efficient rate.

• Keep an eye on the glycemic values of your foods and take measures to keep

them low and your blood sugar stable. Remember GL (Glycemic Load) not GI.

• Stick to the plan – no exceptions. Absolutely no caffeine, dairy, wheat, alcohol, or processed foods. You’ll get directions for your cheat meals as we go through together.

• After your 21day period, switch to a 90/10 diet with at least 90% of your diet following the rules and no more than 10% of your diet consisting of “no‐no’s”.

With these principles in mind, a healthier, happier, trimmer you won’t be far behind. If you have any questions or concerns, please stay with me in our Facebook  group – enjoy your new life like I know you can!

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If you want a workshop on the BB diet and how to eat clean and still enjoy life!? Let me know, good luck xx

Day 9 – New Year New You – Supplement 2

20140107-145008.jpg</Make your healthy eating plan (AKA diet) Smart!

Smart dieting involves supplementing BCAA every 3 or 4 hrs while you are awake. So instead of having a meal you'll have calorie free fluids plus your BCAA caplets or powder.


We know that your body can absorb a limited amount of protein an hour- so it makes sense to supply this amount so your hard earned muscle tissue is preserved and you don’t waste your supplements or fabulous food.
On this big breakfast plan you have a huge calorie deficit compared to a normal diet, and so to protect your muscle, which would be the first thing to be converted into energy to replace any missing calories, you must supply easily absorbed protein throughout the day after your breakfast.

You are always in calorie balance- thousands of years of survival has ensured that your body will cope with a few hours of hunger. To make sure you have energy for any emergency your body will use stored body fat when you restrict calories especially carbs both sugars and starches.

But remember if you cheat every day or so with sugar and starches your body will never swap into fat metabolism.

That’s why it’s so important to eat clean for about a week before trying your first fast!

What else can you do to make your diet smart?
1. Train hard on your fast day – metabolic cardio training
2. Have a re-feed day before your fast.
3. Train heavy following your fast – metabolic resistance training

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Day 8 – New Year New You – Fasting

One-Day Fast


The One-Day Fast is designed to stimulate your fat loss mechanisms while supporting your general health and your hard earned lean muscles.

While I do not advocate water fasts, or even long-term juice fasts, decades of professional clinical experience and research have convinced me that healthy, short-term juice fasting is probably the best-kept secret around for good health, long-term weight loss and an overall feeling of well-being.

My clients have been using fasting as a way to speed up fat loss for years. Now, I refine the method to suit individual needs, the effect you are looking for and include supplements that will ensure only positive effects.

So, you’ll skip breakfast and all your other meals and replace them with your supplements –
– Krill oil and maybe a daily multi vitamin and mineral
– BCAA these are the best part of protein, come in capsule form and are calculated at about 6g per pound of lean body weight.
Obviously you need to know what that is!
BCAA are not cheap – but remember you only se them when you fast – so they cost less than the meal they replace!
You MUST hit your water target on your fast day.
This is calculated as half your scale weight (lbs) in ounces of water
For example you weigh 140lbs = 70 oz per day.

You try to fast for 24hrs
If you train before breakfast – start your fast in the evening. That way you train midway through your fast which gives the bast fat loss results.
If you train in the evening – start your fast in the morning after breakfast or even lunch, perhaps.

If you haven’t tried an intermittent fast plan – you should give it a go. Even a 17 hr fast will be beneficial.

Remember the more you are addicted to sugar and
/or starchy carbs the more difficult this part of the plan will be.

So make sure you have your cheat day/meal before your fast day!

If you look through the blog you’ll find a fruit fast detox plan – you could replace your water with the cranberry juice mix (unsweetened of course)

50:50 Cranberry Juice and Water
Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Ground Ginger
Fresh Orange & Lemon juice to taste
Heat mix through, allow to cool, store in e fridge or drink warm (it’s Christmas in a cup)
You can make about 2 litres and drink through the day.

Good Luck.

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Day 7 – New Year New You – cheat day

6 Rules For Cheat Meals

1. NEVER ever, ever eat a cheat meal on your own.
If you live alone try to meet a friend for lunch or invite them round to you. If that’s impossible then plan and prepare your cheat. Set the table, eat slowly, enjoy it, notice flavours, smells and really TASTE your choices.

2. You’re allowed to cheat on 10% of your meals at MOST.
So, if you eat 5 meals a day- you could cheat one meal every other day!

3. Your cheat meal window is exactly 1 hour.
Never let a cheat meal become a binge day.

4. Eat until full, but never more.
This is why I want you to eat slowly. The messages between your gut and brain take at least 20 minutes to get going so if you gobble your food in 15 minutes you stand a good chance of overeating! If you eat with others try to be the last one to finish.

5. Put your knife & fork down and chew your food.
As I said before, eat slow. Enjoy your food.

6. Avoid foods that “give you trouble”
If you know cheese gives you indigestion avoid it.
If wheat upsets your tummy – don’t go mad!
But, if you fancy a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or want toast with your breakfast go for it!

After struggling to plan and control cheat meals, I’ve discovered these 6 simple guidelines will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your cheat meal without slowing your progress or putting your long term nutrition strategy at risk.

What ever you chose – ENJOY it.
You ABSOLUTELY MUST cheat or your fat loss will stall.
If you want a bit more info read on, otherwise more tomorrow on how to plan your fast day – if you choose to try it.


Mmmm, think I might pass on the personal 9″ cake, thanks
Let’s run through them.


1. NEVER ever, ever eat a cheat meal on your own: The joy of food is tied very strongly to socialization. Don’t waste a cheat meal by eating it on your own. Also, eating with others provides a bit of natural constraint. You’re less likely to make a total pig of yourself if you’re in polite company. But when you’re on your own you’re more likely to turn into a bottomless pit.


2. You’re allowed to cheat with 10% of your meals at MOST: Out of every 10 meals you eat, only ONE can be a cheat meal. Ideally it’ll be even less, but that’s your max. At first, you should make a tally in your journal just to make sure you don’t go over your limit. But eventually you’ll just get a feel for the natural rhythm of your cheats. I find the harder I train the more I can cheat, and I find I can shake up the pattern a little so it’s possible to have a cheat meal on a Saturday and another on Sunday and be back on plan for Monday.


3, Your cheat meal window is exactly 1 hour:

Just like the 10% rule, this rule quantifies your cheat meals for you. Look at your watch when you sit down and start your meal. When 60 minutes are up- they’re up. You won’t do too much damage in an hour. But it’s so easy to let one cheat meal turn into a day with 5-6 hours of grazing on empty calories. And that can definitely dig into your progress and even set off days worth of cravings.


4. Eat until full, but never more: This one is tough for a lot of people—especially at first. You go into your cheat meal thinking you have to make the most of it, because you’ll be going back on your “diet” afterward. But that’s not what a cheat meal is about. It’s about variety and letting loose a bit, not about pigging out. At worst, only 9 meals will go by before you get to do it again! But more importantly, you’ll learn to enjoy the process of eating healthy whole foods 90% of the time. Remember, we’re building a new lifestyle, not going on a “diet.”


5, Put your fork down and chew your food: I don’t know about you, but I get downright excited over a cheat meal. So it’s easy to get carried away and scoff your food down like you won’t see food ever again. But that’s daft? Your delicious dining experience is done in 5 minutes flat! Drag it out a bit. Put your fork down between each bite. Savour each mouthful as you chew it rather than swallowing it whole. Take the time to consciously “taste” every bite.


6, Avoid foods that “give you trouble”: If you stop and think about it, you’ll come to realize that certain foods are problematic for you. Maybe you feel sluggish after you eat them. Or perhaps you get bloating or gas. It might be you’ve got some sort of food intolerance or even allergy related to that food. Eating it will cause irritation and lead to both an immune reaction and inflammation in your body. That signals your body to store fat, especially around the belly.

There you have it, 6 rules to live by if you want to cheat—guilt free.

What about you? Share your stories—the good, the bad and the ugly—about your personal relationship with cheat meals. Any tips? Cautionary advice? Let me know…

More tomorrow. Jax x


Day 6 – New Year New You – supplements

Supplement 1. Krill or Fish Oils


You’ve probably heard that fish oils are BRILLIANT! But how much should you take?
If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I think these are best calculated in relation to your actual body statistics, your scale weight, your lean mass or sometimes your body fat.

Fish Oil Supplements

I suggest at least 1 gram per % body fat.
So if you have 15% bodyfat, you will consume 15 grams a day. If you have 25% bodyfat, you’ll consume 25 grams a day (spread evenly through meals).
This is to saturate the cell membrane and if you want to understand the biochemistry behind it’s effectiveness, there is piles of research on PubMed.

However, only do that for the first 2 weeks (preparation phase) and then we cut the dose in 1/2 and that is where you’ll stay (of course individual differences/responses must be factored in) but that’s the general formula.


The key is to use a product high in EPA and DHA (very hard to find) so get Krill Oil or another quality Fish oil – definitely not Cod Live oil. Generally you get what you pay for – if you get fishy burps – it’s NOT a quality oil!

If you are local to me and you want a full body analysis with me it takes only a few minutes and I then send your results and recommendations on to you.

If you’re still not sure about Fish Oils, just google the benefits – there’s very few aspects of a healthy body and mind that fish oils don’t support.

Tomorrow we look at your cheat day, because you will never stick to a plan that bans all your favourite foods! Plus, after a few days of calorie restriction your fat loss hormones take a dive, so you NEED to refeed to boost them.

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Day 5 – New Year New You- BB Diet overview

We all tempted by diets of some kind at this time of year. It might be a crash low calorie type, a detox or some celebrity endorsed crazy thing – remember Beyoncé and Maple Syrup?!

So here’s a plan that might suit you – includes lots of food, good nutrition and may solve your meal planning problems too.

For those of you that lone, Love, LOVE a proper breakfast…..

Big Breakfast Diet Plan

This is a simple plan to follow if you love a good, full English! Plus the odd protein shake if you exercise hard at least 3 times a week. (I’m not talking cardio/jogging or a legs tums and bums class!)
You will also be prepared to eat well within 90 minutes of waking up! If you train before breakfast you could double your fat loss!!

We now know that saturated fat won’t kill you (see earlier posts) but added sugars will – so this year my plans will lead you to freedom from sugar cravings, long term health, stable body fat and scale weight.

Day 1 of this plan is always a cheat day when you rest and relax, day 2 is a fast with as much exercise as you can fit in, you need to consider your exercise schedule to get your fat burning hormones working for you before you choose on which day of the week you will begin.

Days 3, 5 and 7 are always training days with days 4 & 6 are optional training days.

On days 3 – 7 you will focus on eating your daily calories, which I will calculate related to your current weight and body fat%, at breakfast time.

This plan will suit you if you don’t really care about cooking evening meals, are really busy through the day or travel a lot for work and never manage to organise packed lunches.
(You know who you are E & K)

You will supplement BCAA and quality Krill oil regularly through the day to ensure you lose only body fat.

Holland & Barrat have their penny sale in the UK at the moment and IDEAL time to get your supplements in! These little caplets maintain your lean muscle – that would otherwise be lost on any calorie reduced eating plan.

To qualify for this plan for FREE you must either be
A current member of my Smart Training system or
Like my Facebook Fatloss Solutions uk Page or a subscriber to my blog.

So, get in touch NOW to book an appointment to see where you are now and work out your daily nutrient targets. This can work via email but you will need to calculate your body fat%.

Here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year.

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