Fancy a Yoga Challenge?

To keep you moving over the Christmas break…

A short video to give you an idea of what we get up to!
Don’t worry the class isn’t ALL moves like this. Lots of variations and simplifications are offered too!
As a non member you can attend for £2 a session ( when you buy a set of 5 for £10) you’ll also get 2 hours free parking in Beechwood Arcade.

as my friend Yogameg would say
Stay Bendy!!

2015 Transformation Challenge

This one is for locals ….

Relaxing Fatloss Workout
Newly discovered….
Requires little effort, chat while u exercise.
Attend when u like
Eat what you like, when you like…..


But seriously….
If you’re looking for an EASY way out, then Google “Pipedream Workout” and maybe you’ll get lucky.
If you want guaranteed results or your money back join my
Transformation Challenge
Minimum 3 studio sessions a week. (no maximum)

Follow this link to see our weekly class schedule
Or look up the page here from the menu.

Your transformation plan includes
Nutrition Coaching, Recipes, Body Composition Analysis, bi-monthly workshops & membership to our
private online support group
£50 per month.
Guaranteed Results or your
Sign up before 1/1/2015 for these
FREE Bonuses
7 day FREE TRIAL plus 7 Day Detox plan to kickstart your transformation.

Sign up before Xmas for 21 Day FREE TRIAL too.

Email me – or
Text – ‘2015’ to 07831680086

Have. Great Holiday Season
Eat Drink & Be Merry

7 Challenges – 7 Days

7 Day Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?
Are you prepared to make a few SMALL changes to get GREAT health results?
Give these 7 simple challenges a go…
Add one in each day – or if YOU want to go for all 7 TODAY!

We’ll check in next week and see how you get on…..

Walk 20 minutes everyday


Drink 64oz water everyday


Eat 5 servings of veggies everyday


Wake up and think about 3 Positive things everyday


Workout 3 times every week


Take 2 cold showers a week


Couldn’t find a picture for this one – so here’s one of my dog Betty – finishing a frozen fruit smoothie! It was a hot day !!

Read instead of watching TV or Facebook before bed
at least once a week

Eat Clean. Train Smart. Feel Great!


Ready For A Yoga Challenge?

Try my Yoga challenge.

Yoga is the perfect blend of flexibility and strength, challenging you physically while renewing you psychologicaly.

But apart from all that – give the sequence a go – we run it as a challenge for the members at Fitness4Less in Cheltenham.  We have been practising the elements throughout October. At the end of the month we will perform the complete sequence and see who can finish the most sequences.

Make sure you’re nice and warm before you give it a go!

Let me know how you get on…

Fancy a Pilates challenge next?

Jax Allen