Sweat 4 Sue Fitness Charity Event Sat 19th & Sun 20th Jan2013


Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweat-for-Sue-Cheltenham/193747264083473?fref=ts

Hi Everyone
I’m taking part in this fabulous charity event Timetable & links below.


SATURDAY 19th & Sunday 20th

Below is the time table, could you please send this to your mailing lists, promote on twitter and facebook, at your classes and ask them to promote. Zoe at Sue Ryder is contacting all the press etc. Anything you can do though would be great.


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Timetable for Sweat for Sue on Sat 19th & Sun 20th at St Edward’s Junior School

10am – Cheerobics with Natalie Bones or Yoga with Lisa Morison
11am – Zumba with Emma from Zigs or Kettlecise with Sarah Gates
12pm – YFFF (Your Final Fitness Formula) with Laura Milne or Fitness Pilates with Jackie Allen
1.45pm – Crossfit with Cheltenham Crossfit or Super Seniors with Jackie Allen
2.45pm – Zumba Party with Natalie Bones  or Yoga with Jackie Allen

10am – Kettlecise with Sarah Gates or Fitness Pilates with Clare Bailey
11am – Bokwa with Clare Bailey or Yoga with Valarie Kenmir
12pm – Crossfit with Cheltenham Crossfit or Zumba with Clare Bailey
1.45pm – YFFF (Your Final Fitness Formula) with Laura Milne or Retrobics with Christina Poulton
2.45pm – Zumba Party with Emily Poole

£7 a class, 5 classes for £30. You can do more if you want. Whole Foods Market Cheltenham will be there giving out goodie bags and there will be a lunch break where they can get nutritional advice from me.


I hope you want to attend some classes to so please get booked on and make a weekend of it


Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweat-for-Sue-Cheltenham/193747264083473?fref=ts



The classes are to be 45min long so there is enough time for change over, we have two separate halls.