#3 – Cheat Which Foods To Choose?

Step 3: Observe.

You may notice you have a minor inflammatory reaction to certain foods, although it may not qualify as a ‘food allergy,’ per say.
Examples of this may include puffy eyes, cheeks, or missing definition around bony prominences (i.e. love handles) the day after eating a particular food.
Look at belly bloat too!

Note these results in your diary.
You will quickly learn which foods work for you, you will avoid them and notice your fat loss regulates and even increase.

Less systemic inflammation will help fat loss AND reduce your chances of many diseases and conditions.

Eat Clean. Cheat Well. Feel Great

Fat Loss Tip #11 Will Power

11. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You’re going to mess up. We all do. Successful people don’t beat themselves up over it. They get right back on track. They don’t wait until tomorrow to do so either. Their healthy lifestyle and weight loss continues to move forward and make progress because they allow themselves to make mistakes, learn from them, and end up stronger as a result.


I actually don’t think will power exists- you need motivation, focus and to sort out your environment –
In that you remove temptation, don’t bring your crave foods into the house, car or office. In my case I avoid petrol stations and shops that sell chocolate bars at the tills- especially when I’m fasting!

My clients have plans that include cheat meals or days, depending on their fitness program. Some call them reward meals, but however you describe them it’s a way to recharge essential fat loss hormones that take a dive after just a few days of calorie restriction. When these hormones reduce your fat loss stalls, you find yourself on a weight loss plateau.
This re-feeding prevents your body going into starvation mode, allows you to plan your indulgences and enjoy social occasions.

These little cheats are even more important if you decide to include intermittent fasting in your fat loss plans.


Everyone falls off track at sometime, plan this, expect it – know what to do after your indulgence. Know that you can decide to get back on track that day, that moment. You DON’t have to wait for the next day or next MONDAY. Why is it so many of us think diets can ONLY start on a Monday?

You are in control of you….

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Weightloss over 40 – should it be difficult?

I noticed this article today and thought I would post it…. (I’ve made my comments after each section…)

Weightloss for Women Over 40

Posted: 03/08/2012 00:00

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While most of the world seems to be fixated on diets as the solution to weight problems, most women who are over 40 and overweight, know  that diets don’t work. In fact as women get older, it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. ( This is usually due to Hormone changes)

Even diets that might have worked in the past are no longer effective. So if you’re 40 and fed up with your weight and yoyo dieting, what should you do?

The answer is to change your approach. Diets are all about short-term weight loss. But when you finish a diet, you gain the weight back. What you need to do then is to focus on a long-term approach that will ensure that you never need to diet again. ( This situation occurs when the calorie is too great and failing to increase activity to maintain muscle, which leads to a drop in metabolism)

Here are nine tips that will put you on the right path:

1. Don’t Think About Losing ALL Your Excess Weight… Yet

Rather than setting a large goal and getting disappointed by how far away it is, I always recommend setting a short term goal. The short term goal that I usually find to be the best is one stone (6.35kg or 14 pounds). It’s a significant amount of weight but I have also found that with my clients it is relatively easy to achieve.

( I prefer a dress or clothes size – about 7 lbs which is easily acheivable in a few weeks)

2. Don’t set a deadline

This seems to go against most goal-setting advice, but it is actually very important for long term weight loss that you abandon deadlines. If you are trying to lose weight for a deadline, you will be more tempted to use short term fixes that involve depriving yourself rather than changing your habits which is more of a long term solution.

( I see what the writer is getting at – yet I believe a target must have an end date – even if it’s a long way off – otherwise you’ll lose motivation)

3. Make small changes

Don’t do it all at once. With no deadline, you can take it easy. Make very small changes each week that eventually add up. Slow and steady wins the race.

( without measuring what you’re acheiving you don’t know if you are on the right track… small changes – Yes. but I’d say make a significant change and stick to it for 3 weeks so it becomes Normal)

4. Lifelong change

Make sure every change you make is one that you are happy to do for the rest of your life. Most people trying to lose weight make drastic changes because they want to get their results quickly. But in the back of their mind, they know that they won’t be sticking to these changes forever. But of course if you don’t stick to the changes, you will simply start gaining weight back.

(Lifestyle changes and introducing new eating plans are uncomfortable – so plan well)

5. Make it pleasant

Ensure that you can still eat out, travel and do other enjoyable things. If your weight loss method involves depriving yourself of all the fun in life, then it is probably going to fail very soon. This is where many “diets” fail. They are too unpleasant to continue for life.

( Enter the Cheat Meal or Reward Day – essential to keep to any eating plan. The amazing thing is as you get better results you choose healthier foods for your cheats – they become a high calorie day instead )

6. Get someone to help you along the way

Aside from showing my clients how to lose weight without dieting, I think the most valuable things I do for my clients are shouldering some or most of their worries and anxiety about their weight, reassuring them that they are on the right track and keeping them going at times when they might otherwise have given up. Find someone who can help you to keep on track.

( weekly meets – if only for a few minutes to keep a check on progress. I say to weigh, measure and check progress every 4 or 5 weeks)

7. Keep perspective on what a realistic rate of weight loss is

In this world of unrealistic weight loss claims (“Lose 30 pounds in 10 days”), most women do not have accurate expectations for what a good rate of weight loss is for someone over 40. Remember, even losing a pound a week adds up to a 2 stone in six months.

( Very true – and unless you are able to exercise often at high intensity your weight loss should be slow and your calorie deficit small)

8. Have a plan for coping with difficult situations

Life doesn’t make way for people losing weight. Rather than trying to suspend your life while trying to lose weight, you have to learn to cope with all the different situations that occur in a normal busy life. This involves anticipating and planning for them in advance. (essential)

9. Think of setbacks as learning experiences

Everyone experiences setbacks while trying to lose weight. But whereas most people respond to a bad week by giving up, the best way to deal with them is to learn what went wrong and how you can avoid it happening again.

There are so many women over 40 out there who have become convinced after years of failure that there is something wrong with them and that they can’t lose weight. But this isn’t true. Diets are the real culprit here.  For women over 40 who want a long term solution to their weight loss, taking an approach that is slow and steady and focussed on changing habits will pay far greater dividends.

( well said –  you can lose weight at any age – just think if you were told you needed a life saving operation but must lose 14lbs before the eop’ – i bet you would make some healthy lifestyle changes .)

What do you think?

Have you tried to lose weight after 40?

Post Menapausal Women let me know how you get on….

Eat Clean – Train Hard – Feel Great AND Expect Great Results

Why Alcohol On Your Cheat Day Is A BAD Idea!

Why Alcohol On Your Cheat Day Is A BAD Idea!

I get more questions about Cheat Days than any other subject.

Now the party season is over and New Year Resolutions are almost forgotten, it’s time to re-focus on goals and make sure you put a plan into action to reach them.

Seems that a lot of you are using Cheat Days as their weekly excuse to indulge not only in their favourite foods, but also a considerable amount of alcohol.

Bad idea – I have clients that train really hard Monday to Friday – then blow it all at the Pub Friday and Saturday nights.   It’s such a shame to see their efforts go to waste. I suppose at least they’re getting out and meeting ‘real’ people…. Rather than indulging in nights in with a video and a bottle of wine ( to themselves!!)

The entire purpose of the Cheat Day is to increase your leptin levels, to reset your metabolism and create a hormonal environment that will allow you to burn fat.

Alcohol consumption will probably cancel out ALL of those positive benefits. In fact, alcohol has been shown to acutely LOWER your leptin levels which is in direct opposition to everything you are trying to accomplish with a Cheat Day.

In the end, Cheat Days + Alcohol = Fat GAIN.  So why do it?

Does that mean that you can’t drink at all on your Cheat Day?

Anything more than 2 drinks will begin to have a negative effect.

The rule is, if you feel the effects of your drinks you’ve consumed too much.

Focus on your goals, and in order to reach them you will need some level of sacrifice. Know that, embrace it, and move forward toward your goals.

My clients know they can use a full blown eat-whatever-you-want Cheat Days as frequently as every 5th day to lose fat at record speed, so it really isn’t that bad is it?

That being said, if alcohol is more important than your fat loss goals then I suggest you have a different decision to make.


So, this Friday when you settle in front of the TV or order your drink at the bar make an educated, considered decision – do you want to lose fat or not?


Any questions email me at info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com


Eat Clean  *   Train Hard   *   Get Results