Is Your Food Really Healthy?

What Makes a Food Healthy?

This may seem like a very simple question, but it’s not. There are the basics of nutrition, and then there are a million different versions of what may work in an individual’s lifestyle. As a nutrition coach, here are the basics that I look for in the ingredients of a healthy recipe:

They contain lots of nutrients from real, whole foods.
They do not include anything processed or any “food-like products”.
They are not loaded with excessive calories from fats, even healthy ones.
They are not loaded with sugar, even “natural” or “clean” sugars.
Of course there is nothing wrong with making a recipe every now and then that breaks one of these rules, but if you’re looking for healthy foods to make for you and your family on a regular basis, then let the above criteria be your basic guideline the majority of the time. If you’re following a paleo lifestyle, a vegetarian lifestyle, etc. then add your own criteria ON TOP OF these to customize your eating plan.


Greatest Exercise Fails!

1. Doing Exercise You Don’t Enjoy

I used to think that to be fit or to look a certain way I had to do this or that particular exercise. I was wrong, and my motivation suffered as a result. Working out should make you happy. You should get excited abut the thought of your workout. If you’re always dreading tomorrow’s workout, how do you expect this healthy habit to last a lifetime? Find physical activity you enjoy and love and you will never exercise a day in your life.


Fatloss Check

Fatloss Check…

It’s Autumn- so it’s time to think about your health targets over the next few months. Your friends are bound to talk about the BEST advice on weight loss!

So you start to tell them what worked for you – and they stop you mid-sentence – to interrupt and say that they know what worked for you, but they are looking for UNIQUE weight loss tips…

Something different, something that’s going to work for them!

Instead of you sharing your wisdom and knowledge with them, you may advise them to go to the internet and search “unique weight loss tips.”

You see, sometimes people don’t get the one basic thing to weight loss…


All the fancy weight loss tips…

The unique fat loss advice…

And the endless sites on the internet dedicated to providing intimate wisdom on how to lose weight – and lose it FAST – are all based on one simple – yet commonly overlooked – piece of advice: You need to BURN more than you are EATING.

Seems pretty simple, right?

And that’s the thing about weight loss – it should be simple and easy…

The Problem

But the only problem is that weight loss isn’t that easy.

Thankfully though, many people before you, and many people after you, will go through the exact same experience you are.

They will struggle…

They will ask for advice…

They will want something different – something a cut above the rest – to make this whole thing easier.

So what can you tell them?

You can tell them this:

You need to eat a Healthy Diet…

Not a diet that restricts everything that you love, but a diet that encourages trying new things, experiencing new fruits, vegetables, proteins, or even lifestyle changes.

They need to adopt a diet – or nutrition plan – that focuses on getting more fruits and vegetables-
If possible fresh or fresh frozen, pesticide free.

More high-quality, lean cuts of protein…
Free range when you can, getting exercise makes animals healthier too!

More fatty fish (or omega-3 fatty acids)…
Eat oily fish at least 3 times a week and other fish too.

And LESS processed garbage that only packs on the pounds instead of stripping them away…that means any food that come in a box, vacuum pack, or package that has been prepared, flavoured or mixed ready for cooking.

Plus, a plan that allows them to eat their favorite foods – in moderation of course – without feeling guilty, ashamed, or depressed because they just ate THAT food.

We’ll discuss how to select exercise next….
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Thanks. Jax