THIS time I WILL lose………

 "THIS time I will lose ....... pounds of fat 
      and gain ……….. pounds of muscle !"

Autumn will be here before we know it, 
the evenings will draw in and we will 
start thinking about the end of the year. 
 If you’re like me I also start to think 
about doing something different to do, 
and as I’m not looking to go to evening 
classes I will set goals to get in better
shape before Christmas.
These tips really work…   Read Them… Use Them… 
1. Life Style Plan
Use a lifestyle fat loss plan rather than a crash-diet
you know will just let you down. 
Remember every crash/mad/ weird/Detox diet you have EVER
tried didn’t work either.
Let's get real:  Almost every diet plan is based on getting
your excess weight off as fast as possible...
My plan includes eating your favourite foods every week.  
Dropping body fat quick enough to keep me happy especially
at the beginning - YET  Slow enough to keep your BODY HAPPY.
If your body is happy your fat loss will stay steady and not
 rush back as soon as you return into a normal pattern.
2. Write Goals in Your Journal
Write your goals down in two different formats to take
advantage of the way your brain processes information.
Your mind is a marvellous machine... but you have to know
 how it works to take full advantage of the power between
 your ears.
Just "speaking" a goal or thinking about it is NOT going
 to get you where you want to go.  Most of us know this.
And perhaps you take the next, crucial step:
You WRITE DOWN your goals.
That's great... YET that's only 1/4 the battle.
Here's what you must do:

Write your body goals down two ways. 
Keep both goals in different locations 
around the house
where you will see them and read them 
 Here, you state your goal as if it has already happened.
 The TRICK here is to do so without lying to yourself. 
A lot of "Self-Help" gurus suggest saying things like,
 "I am fit, trim and beautiful!"  Yet if you are NOT fit
 or trim YET and you KNOW it, this idea can backfire... 
especially if you love honesty.
Most of us love honesty, so let's BE HONEST with ourselves
 while still taking advantage of the power that future-tense
 goals can offer.
Write your goal like this:
"I see December 1, 2013, and I see my body: Fit,
trim, and beautiful!"
Same strategy - better results. 
Since you can imagine December 1, 2013, your mind will be more
empowered to imagine the BODY you desire along with it. 
This is perhaps the BEST way to state a goal -- 
as one in the process of becoming reality. 
This is the best way to keep
it real as well. : )
Here's what you say:
"I am in the process of becoming more fit and trim by December 1, 2013!"
Your body will start following your mind's directive and 
help you achieve your goals. 
3. Finally, buddy-up!
If you have a family member or friend that shares your 
desires for a better body in 2013, team up with them. 
Studies show that friends and trainers that keep you 
accountable increase your success for long-term weight 
loss by over 400%.
Use my Facebook group to meet other likeminded health &
fitness enthusiasts Allen and request 
to join our Fatloss group.
So buddy- up and make a promise to train 3 times a week every week,
 together No Excuses!  You’ll not be able to let your plan slip. 
Weigh-in regularly and keep your results coming.
Remember, if you train with me - there 
are rewards for bringing along friends 
and work mates  – they get a FREE trial –and when they sign up you get a FREE 
session credit or two.
Your FIRST STEP... and most important for success, is to have your lifestyle-friendly diet plan ready to go.  
Be Honest with yourself – make clear decisions about what you want 
to achieve and how you will make it happen and you will !! ©