See Yourself Clearly


You know how it feels to move into a new home or get a new car or upgrade to a new computer? You like it but it still doesn’t feel like yours. Your old model had its flaws but you knew how to use it, you were comfortable with it. A similar situation when you lose weight.

you may have spent so long living in a heavy body that when you do lose weight, you can’t believe that the skinny person in the mirror is actually you.

This critical time period, when your mind tries to catch up to your body, is where many revert to old habits.

Doubt creeps in, along with a feeling of unworthiness. Though it may be hard to believe, for many of you, it’s almost as if you were more comfortable being bigger.


THE SOLUTION: While your exercise and nutrition may bring about the body transformation you want, the second – and equally important – part of that transition is the emotional and mental work you must do to adjust to your new body.

I believe its essential to take pictures of yourself throughout the process. They’ll remind you how much you’ve done to earn your new, better body.

Take a few minutes most mornings to look at those old pictures, and compare them to what you see in the mirror. This simple exercise of comparing the old you to the new you will reinforce that this is who you are meant to be. you will adjust to your leaner, sleeker shape. You’ll know that you have the body you worked for and deserve. You’re not an imposter.

Smart phones are good for this, take monthly photos in a full length mirror ad you work towards your goal. Review them regularly, you’ll stay on track and recognise your new shape and believe your ability to change.

Don’t ever think it’s vain, or silly, it’s a really important factor in resetting your view and understanding of who and what you are!

You are NOT a fat person that has lost some weight…
You ARE a slim, fit person!!