Menstrual Phase Training PT 3

Oral contraceptive pills.
How do they effect fitness & Fatloss?

Progestin only OCPs show a greater tendency to cause weight gain in studies.

Traditional biphasic OCPs show less of an effect illustrating increased metabolic rate along with increased energy intake.

HRT in menopausal women indeed seems to result in weight gain, but does seem to spare the belly fat accumulation that can occur in menopausal women. This may be due to reduced amounts of estrogen and progesterone and their anti-cortisol impact. Remember cortisol encourages belly fat.

As stated previously, much of the impact of female reproductive hormones is a mute point if background insulin levels are too high. Their influence seems to be exerted only under low carbohydrate intake and consistent training states.

So, to take full advantage of this kind of phase training plan you need to ideally control your blood sugar level and be able to train consistently.

Eat Clean. Train Smart. Expect Results.


DIM – plus? Why? Supplement


I love it because it helps metabolise stored body fat laid down when your fatty (bad) estrogen dominates. Loved by fitness models as a healthy way to strip fat!
I choose Nature’s Way – available on Amazon.

This is a typical story from a regular user of DIM Plus. ….

Why I Love Nature’s Way DIM PLUS

Tammy Darnell, Yahoo Contributor Network
Oct 25, 2013 Menstrual BleedingCruciferous, VegetablesPerimenopause

When I was in my late thirties, I started going through all the hormonal changes that a lot of women start to experience. For me though, the symptoms were exacerbated. I experienced heavy menstrual bleeding, acne, mood swings, sleeplessness, hot flashes, you name it. In other words, I was one hot mess. I tried every remedy that was out there, including the bio-identical hormone therapy. That worked for a while, but it quickly became something that I couldn’t financially afford anymore. So, I found myself back at square one.
Then one day, I was told about this all natural remedy called DIM PLUS by Nature’s Way. I had never heard of anything like this before. It’s an estrogen metabolizer that’s made up of all of these cruciferous vegetables combined together in one pill. It’s supposed to get rid of the bad estrogen and help with some of the symptoms I was having . I didn’t even know I had bad estrogen in my body. So, I thought I would give it a shot.

I took the pills as directed. What happened next was absolutely astonishing. Within 2 months my menstrual cycle flow was reduced by over half. I no longer suffered from the extreme fatigue from losing so much blood every month. My acne cleared up, and I started feeling like my old self again. There were absolutely no bad side effects from taking this. I highly recommend Nature’s Way DIM PLUS for any woman who is going through the perils of perimenopause. It’s the best $20 a month that you will ever spend.

Try it – it packs the punch of kilo’s of veg in a couple of easy to swallow caplets daily.

Eat Better – Feel Better


Sugary drinks may boost uterine cancer risk

Sugary drinks may boost uterine cancer risk


New research suggests that postmenopausal women who consume a high volume of sugar-sweetened drinks may have an increased risk for developing endometrial cancer, which is the lining of the uterus.

For the study, researchers looked at dietary and health data from 23,000 postmenopausal women between 1986 and 2004. Participants completed questionnaires about their intake of 127 different foods, including sugar-sweetened beverages, such as colas, carbonated beverages and fruit drinks.

The researchers found an association between consumption of sugar drinks and endometrial cancer, which affected more than 500 of the women by 2010. The results, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, also showed that older women with higher body mass indexes, diabetes or those who had used estrogen had a higher risk for endometrial cancer.

Whether cancer risk and sugar consumption have a direct causal relationship is unclear; however, researchers said that one explanation for the study’s findings is that increased intake of sugar contributes to obesity, which increases risk for cancer. Sugary drinks are of particular concern because the way sugar is consumed affects how it is metabolized and absorbed—for example, digesting natural sugar with fibers in fruit is less harmful than digesting sugar-sweetened sodas, the researchers said.

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Hormones and Fat Loss

Female hormone changes: age, lifestyle, and the environment


Women are often duped into believing the low calorie diet and aerobic exercise myth. This approach to weight loss rarely works and often creates damage to their body as a consequence. As a woman ages, as a consequence of stress, or because of environmental estrogen mimicking compounds several things begin to occur. The ovaries decrease their production of estrogen and progesterone. This exacerbates estrogen and progesterone balance, further pushing the body more towards estrogen dominance.

There are also many estrogen mimickers in our food and environment. At the same time, fat cells continue to produce estrogen through an enzyme called aromatase present in fat cells. This also leads the estrogen/progesterone balance to shift more towards estrogen. At the same time slimming and muscle building hormones, like human growth hormone (HGH) and DHEA, decline. Together this creates the perfect storm for female related fat gain and most of it occurs in the mid-section.

DHEA, HGH and progesterone are all hormones that act to keep a woman lean and block the storage of fat in the middle of her body. The tricky part is that a low calorie diet and a focus on aerobic exercise makes this worse because they do nothing to restore these powerful hormones and may actually worsen the estrogen progesterone imbalance in the long run.

So, don’t starve yourself and definitely don’t waste hours and hours on treadmills and ellipticals. You need a 2 or 3 prong approach – my Smart Training system is flexible, includes nutrition coaching and lifestyle advice too! When you start to attack your fat stores you need the right food and the right kind of exercise – the more clients I work with the more proof I have that there is NO such thing as a ONE SIZE FITS ALL program!

If you have stubborn areas of fat I CAN help you get rid of them!

Have a fabulous day


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The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Theory

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Theory

What is the Anti-Estrogenic Diet?

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet is a diet program that helps the body resist the effects of a high prevalence of estrogenic and estrogen-like chemicals in the environment that many researchers believe leads to health problems and weight (fat) gain.

The world is becoming feminized through chemicals such as atrazine (a common crop herbicide used on fruit and veg crops in the US). The sperm counts are dropping worldwide, with a 20% drop seen in just one generation, and the highest level of infertility, despite the growing number of fertility drugs.

The diet consists of three phases:

  1. Detox – Allowing the liver (and kidneys) to recuperate and clean itself. The liver is the body’s detoxification organ, and is the organ under the most stress from chemical attack. When it is under duress and begins to fail, diseases such as diabetes and cirrhosis can take root. This diet allows for two weeks of herbal and nutritional therapy to allow the liver to “bounce back into shape” and assume its important role in regulating the body’s metabolism with renewed vigour. During this phase your gut also has a holiday. Avoiding grains and the glutens they contain allows your digestive system to recover from any inflammation caused by them, you will better absorb the nutrient rich foods you will replace your regular foods with.
  2. High-fat stage. Mimics diet from 10,000 years ago, before the agricultural era. Higher calorie than most diets, but can still cause weight loss. More than anything, it nourishes the hormone system to create sex hormones to counteract

3a.  Reintroduction of foods. Since none of us are monks, methodically and gradually reintroducing foods “in the real world”. But it requires a lot of trial and error to see what agrees with your body, and what doesn’t.

3b.  Cheat Meals. Within our system we insist that you have one meal a week where you relax all the rules and eat a normal meal. Perhaps a take-away or a meal out will ensure that you keep to your eating plan for the duration. Adherence is Key.


What are anti-estrogenic foods and herbs?

The following foods (and their believed anti-estrogenic components) that help counterbalance the effects of estrogenic chemicals and estrogen mimics in the environment:

  • cruciferous vegetables – kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, spinach, green beans, onions, squashes,  – have natural anti estrogenic indoles
  • DIM – this supplement helps – and REALLY helps you lose body fat. It contains the equivalent extract of the active ingredient of 1kg of cruciferous veg per day in a form you can digest too.
  • citrus fruits
  • coffee – contain flavones – 1 or 2 shots/day before training is great.
  • fruits – thin skinned berries – cranberries, strawberries, raspberries etc., apricots , figs, melon, grapes, pears              not apples, cherries, dates, pomegranates – see the full list.
  • tea – polyphenols – especially green teas
  • herbs:  passionflower, chamomile, fenugreek, nutmeg and turmeric all high in resveratrol.
  • conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in grass-fed, organic milk products – real butter and real milk .
  • tree nuts, avocado and fertilized eggs – high-fat, “male” (y-chromosome) containing foods that nourish the hormone system. Almonds, brazils, Cashews, Hazels (filberts and cobs), Macadamia, Pecans, Pine nuts, pistachio, Walnuts. NOT PEANUTS
  • seeds – flax (golden linseed), sesame, pumpkin, buckwheat, millet, tapioca



What are estrogenic foods? These foods should be avoided on this eating plan:

  • conventionally raised meat – often “chemically castrated” using hormones, in order to build bulk and be more tender. This is not a “macho” food anymore. Pay more for organic versions that have not been pumped up with feminising hormones.
  • soy – contains genistein and daidzein, both which have hormone-disrupting activity.  Japanese women have traditionally fed their husbands soy when they suspected they were cheating on them, and monks eat soy to diminish their libido.. includes – soy milk, textured protein, soy sprouts, sauce, tofu etc.
  • ground nuts – peanuts
  • beer – Hops, the bitter herb that gives beer its bite, has estrogenic and libido-reducing effects. This is why heavy beer drinkers develop “man boobs”.
  • Grains – gluten grains – wheat, barley, rye and oats
  • Legumes – beans, peas, lentils (pulses), humus, may be used in small amounts in phase 2 ,especially when you need to add controlled amounts of carbs back into your diet. You’ll know when that is – you will lack the energy to train as hard as you want.


Within my Guaranteed Fatloss system we take the anti estrogenic diet and spread it over your first 4 weeks of training.  If time allowed you would do Phase 1 before joining the exercise sessions. Otherwise you will follow Phase 1 maybe for the entirety of your first 4 weeks.  At around week 5 or 6 you may find at some point your energy starts to flag and results slow down.  Experience has shown us that this is when you should move onto to the next phase both in terms of diet and your exercise plan.



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