Live Like A Puppy – Feel Great

From a fitness instructor and educator I admire.
She has a fabulous sense of humour and explains how to eat, live and be healthy here …

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist For Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness & Therapy, London, UK.

Live Like Princess Puppy
I do believe that dear Poppy has greater emotional and literal intelligence than most human beings….and all the dog owners out there know what I mean here… this is the regime she employs to keep her figure:

1. She employs INTERMITTENT FASTING, somedays she eats masses, somedays not much at all.

2. Poppy always drinks her water, all day long.

3. Poppy doesn’t eat sweet things, processed food, trans fats or anything rubbish – just high class OPTIMUM NUTRITION dog food.

4. Oddly for a dog, she loves fish! A bit of smoked salmon goes down very well 🙂

5. She rests, lols around and sleeps most of the day in the comfiest spot in the house – some posh furry cushions ON MY BED!

6. She takes formal exercise 3 times a day and is always gagging for it, if I just mention the word OUT and she’s on my heels til we head out.

7. When on the lead, she heads off at a pace, employing the POWER WALKING STRATEGY.

8. When released from her lead she bombs around the park for 20 mins employing the HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING STRATEGY.

9. Nevermind 8 hours sleep, I’m sure she’s on more like 14! Truly and obviously obeying her CIRCADIAN RYTHMNS!

10. She is friendly, outgoing, extremely good natured and likes EVERYONE! She therefore is welcomed everywhere she goes and is always treated well by humans and her other doggy pals – OBVIOUSLY HAS VERY GOOD SELF-ESTEEM.

11. She is never angry, growly or bitey…..unless you are the postman…..what is that?

12. She has high emotional intelligence ie., shifts very quickly when I start swearing and stays very very close when I cry.

13. She only gets stressed when little children are around…she is scared of them for some reason! If they are in the park when she arrives, she turns around to leave. A perfect demonstration of knowing what’s good for her and walking away from things that aren’t. I BET HER CORTISOL ISN’T VERY HIGH!

14. She accepts all kind words and deeds offered graciously – tail wags when you praise her and you could easily get a numb arm just sitting there rubbing her belly for over an hour 🙂 SHE OBVIOUSLY HAS HIGH SELF-WORTH!

15. Finally, she hates going in the car!!!! Just pure organic walking for this simple girl.

Hhmmmm….so back to the title, don’t you agree – EAT, REST AND LIVE like Poppy and we’ve got it licked!


Simply learn from your Dog! – obviously if you over feed and under exercise your dog, if it feels unloved and is stressed it’s probably overweight (like you.)


Step 1- Cheat Food List

Step 1: Write down all your favourite foods.

Make sure to keep this list close to your kitchen, so you’ll have it when you’re craving cheat foods, but you’re not sure what to eat. You’ll be able to use this list to tempt you.

I find it hard to cheat well – especially as time goes on, I forget the foods I once craved for. A bonus when you go shopping, less losing your way into the centre aisles of the food market.

But, if you want to keep your fat busting hormones on side you can’t restrict calories everyday. To avoid starvation mode you need to have a planned re-feed or cheat day. To begin it might be a meal where you have a little alcohol, a pudding and the Meal itself might be less than ideal – health wise.
But remember the whole point isn’t to eat carefully or to count calories – it’s to help your body relax, to persuade your fat controlling hormones that food is available and so release stored fat as energy on the days following your cheat day.





These might be some of your favourite cheat foods – make a FULL and REAL list put on the inside of your food journal, so you can take inspiration when you make your cheat day shopping list!

Eat Clean. Live Well. Feel Great!


To Juice OR Smoothie?

GREEN APPLE DETOX JUICE ( actually a Smoothie so you get ALL Nutrients)


I can hardly have a conversation without someone asking if I’ve tried a juice diet or fast or detox,

The problem is many of these fads are really just a way to cut calories, you lose weight – mostly water and muscle – and then when you eat normally the weight – and it will be body fat – piles back on again!

I often use a fruit and veg detox to help overcome cravings for sugar, caffeine or carbs, and to offer a high nutrition alternative to processed and packaged foods.

My Smart Training system includes a pre- exercise stage using a 7 day Detox which is followed by a mix of home and small group exercise and nutrition counselling sessions.

The most important thing is that you find a way to live everyday, making the right healthy choices for you, enough exercise to maintain your body with a healthy body fat % while avoiding fatigue, stress and illness or injury.

Using fasting, juicing or cutting calories to lose weight doesn’t work long term. Just like weight watchers and Other slimming clubs have a pitifully 5% success rate. That means this idea of eating less and moving more will work for a few months and then your metabolism will win out If you’re not careful your body will react by storing more fat every time you fast.

Find a clean eating routine that will work everyday, every week, every year. Your systems will relax, you’ll drop body fat, have more energy and never have to diet again..

Try this delicious energy boosting smoothie…..

Green Apple Smoothie

2 Cup Water
2 Green Apples
3 slices Pineapple
1 Cucumber, sliced
1 lemon, peel removed
½ Cup Fresh Parsley
1 inch cube Fresh Ginger


Process all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

Nutritional Facts:
(Per serving)

Calories: 195
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 47 g
Fibre: 8 g
Sugar: 28 g
Protein: 2 g

Eat clean. Train hard. Feel great!

Day 9 – New Year New You – Supplement 2

20140107-145008.jpg</Make your healthy eating plan (AKA diet) Smart!

Smart dieting involves supplementing BCAA every 3 or 4 hrs while you are awake. So instead of having a meal you'll have calorie free fluids plus your BCAA caplets or powder.


We know that your body can absorb a limited amount of protein an hour- so it makes sense to supply this amount so your hard earned muscle tissue is preserved and you don’t waste your supplements or fabulous food.
On this big breakfast plan you have a huge calorie deficit compared to a normal diet, and so to protect your muscle, which would be the first thing to be converted into energy to replace any missing calories, you must supply easily absorbed protein throughout the day after your breakfast.

You are always in calorie balance- thousands of years of survival has ensured that your body will cope with a few hours of hunger. To make sure you have energy for any emergency your body will use stored body fat when you restrict calories especially carbs both sugars and starches.

But remember if you cheat every day or so with sugar and starches your body will never swap into fat metabolism.

That’s why it’s so important to eat clean for about a week before trying your first fast!

What else can you do to make your diet smart?
1. Train hard on your fast day – metabolic cardio training
2. Have a re-feed day before your fast.
3. Train heavy following your fast – metabolic resistance training

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Day 8 – New Year New You – Fasting

One-Day Fast


The One-Day Fast is designed to stimulate your fat loss mechanisms while supporting your general health and your hard earned lean muscles.

While I do not advocate water fasts, or even long-term juice fasts, decades of professional clinical experience and research have convinced me that healthy, short-term juice fasting is probably the best-kept secret around for good health, long-term weight loss and an overall feeling of well-being.

My clients have been using fasting as a way to speed up fat loss for years. Now, I refine the method to suit individual needs, the effect you are looking for and include supplements that will ensure only positive effects.

So, you’ll skip breakfast and all your other meals and replace them with your supplements –
– Krill oil and maybe a daily multi vitamin and mineral
– BCAA these are the best part of protein, come in capsule form and are calculated at about 6g per pound of lean body weight.
Obviously you need to know what that is!
BCAA are not cheap – but remember you only se them when you fast – so they cost less than the meal they replace!
You MUST hit your water target on your fast day.
This is calculated as half your scale weight (lbs) in ounces of water
For example you weigh 140lbs = 70 oz per day.

You try to fast for 24hrs
If you train before breakfast – start your fast in the evening. That way you train midway through your fast which gives the bast fat loss results.
If you train in the evening – start your fast in the morning after breakfast or even lunch, perhaps.

If you haven’t tried an intermittent fast plan – you should give it a go. Even a 17 hr fast will be beneficial.

Remember the more you are addicted to sugar and
/or starchy carbs the more difficult this part of the plan will be.

So make sure you have your cheat day/meal before your fast day!

If you look through the blog you’ll find a fruit fast detox plan – you could replace your water with the cranberry juice mix (unsweetened of course)

50:50 Cranberry Juice and Water
Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Ground Ginger
Fresh Orange & Lemon juice to taste
Heat mix through, allow to cool, store in e fridge or drink warm (it’s Christmas in a cup)
You can make about 2 litres and drink through the day.

Good Luck.

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Fasting- A Cautionary Tale

If you have been diagnosed or suggested that you may have under active thyroid – READ THIS STORY.

Jason was a very successful personal trainer and like many others in the field, he was a self-experimenting. He had typical symptoms of Thyroid fatigue. He was practicing intermittent fasting and was also going through some very stressful times in his life.
Could these factors have been the cause of his symptoms and lab results? A little bit of fasting here and there shouldn’t cause this, but if you take it to the extreme, it’s definitely possible.

Our bodies sense starvation in times of extreme caloric deficit. When this perceived starvation happens, one way that the body protects itself and preserves energy is by lowering energy expenditure via the thyroid.
Normally, a healthy thyroid converts T4 hormone to T3 (which, again, is the active form of thyroid hormone). A sick thyroid often converts T4 to reverse T3 instead.
This might be happening to Jason.

To prove this was happening he stopped fasting and ate more, had lab tests while he was on the T3 (Cytomel) thyroid replacement. On the T3 replacement, his symptoms were variable, but overall better than they had been before replacement.
The tests and assessments
ordered the same thyroid panel as before.

Now, only T4 was abnormal. As expected, since normally a thyroid gland secretes mostly T4 (inactive compared to T3) with only some T3. The T4 is then converted to the active T3 in other parts of the body. Since Jason was taking exogenous T3 (Cytomel), his body wasn’t making the T4 anymore, which is why it shows as low.

Time to test the thyroid fatigue hypothesis.
The prescription
This would be the tough part. Cytomel (T3 – liothyronine) was the only thing during Jason’s illness that made him feel better.

I thought Jason’s problems were caused by low calories (and maybe even carbohydrates too). He needed to stop the long fasts and consistently eat at least his calculated caloric needs for the day.
We couldn’t fix the underlying problem without this step.

After 2 months, more labs tests.
While Jason was somewhat discouraged with these lab findings, He was going in the right direction. He continued to eat well and maybe even take it easy in the gym for the next month.
He took NO T3, no matter what. The next set of labs had to be accurate.
After 2 more months he had more lab tests.
Jason was off T3, and his symptoms were mostly resolved.

Jason was complaining of fatigue. He’d been to multiple doctors who diagnosed him with various conditions. He was inappropriately started on thyroid replacement without fixing the underlying cause.
By addressing the real problems — metabolic down-regulation because of stress and inadequate food intake — Jason was able to come off medication and on to a new, healthier path.

What can we learn from Jason’s story?
If you are constantly fatigued, see your doctor.

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) may be a symptom of something else, and it doesn’t always have to be treated with thyroid replacement.

Find the actual problem.
In Jason’s case it wasn’t his thyroid, it was his low calorie intake.

Look at your allostatic load — the sum total of all the mental, physical, and emotional stressors in your life. You may be more stressed out than you realize — and if so, your body will give you clues.

Listen to your body..

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