Is It Safe to Train Hard 5 Days A Week?

Breakfast Bootcamp 5 Days a Week – starts June 6th.

Jude just asked a very good question about 06:30 sessions and is it safe to train 5 days a week – and what extra costs might there be.


First the fees – a simple question with a simple answer.

If you pay per set (£60/ 10) you will carry on using your credits.

If you pay per month (£60) you will be able to attend up to 20 sessions – of your choice.

But, if you want to attend up to 5 Bootcamps a week and still add on your Pilates and Yoga – tou’ll pay £75 per month unlimited.

to change the way you pay for your classes just text me 07831 680086

Is It Safe to Train HARD that often each week?

I’m sure you’ve all had friends and other trainers tell you that you can only safely lose 2lbs a week and keep it off. Well, that’s what we all thought a few years ago. Luckily we are much better informed now. Current research allows us to understand the mechanisms of weight management much better than ever. Many Universities run studies to monitor fat loss, weight loss, calorie intake, exercise intensity with short term and long term effects carefully measured and assessed.

I’m afraid that coaches that still think fat loss is a slow process will waste your time and money. The tricky bit is balancing a system that is livable and effective. I believe that my stystem is exactly that. Ypou should never feel hungry, be able to maintain your gains and enjoy ( if thats the right word) your training.

If you’ve been a member for a while it’s easy to get into an automatic state when you train – I think thats one of the reasons new campers get such good results – they are mindful of every exercise. They don’t know whats coming next and so they put effort into every movement. An experienced camper can easily go through the motions – yes – get hot, yes – feel the burn – BUT just as easily take a few seconds to start and ease off at the end of each interval, add to that slowing down the pace when we know whats coming, before you know it you’re missing the fabulour results got got when you were new.

That’s one of the reasons I change the workouts so often – to keep it fresh and you thinking about what you’re doing.

You’ll also be aware that after your first couple of weeks, usually week three, you got the ‘slump’, sometimes I call it Bootcamp Flu!. Campers have felt so bad they think they’re ill and have stayed at home… It usually means that your body is busy swapping from carbohydrate metabolism into fat metabolism – it doesn’t like it initially and you can feel drained and your muscles will feel heavy and ache. That’s when I usually tell you to step up the amount of protein you eat, and sort out your workout nutrition ( adding carbs to protein after your workout)

I can’t go on enough about protein – it is absolutely essential. Without it you will s l o w l y gain fitness and s l o w l y lose fat, but you’ll hit a plateau and probably give up!! But – more of that on our workshop and at my blog

What about the frequency of your workouts. We all know we need a complete rest day each week, and I usually say that you need 3 hard workouts each week. Thats the ideal/minimum – obviously 2 each week is great – but you’ll get slower results.

So, what happens when you exercise more often? Some of you have tried it – to various effect. You may have found that after a few weeks of 4 or more sessions you needed a break – enter De-Load Week. I now offer a structured program that runs over 5 weeks. It includes a fitness test week, to monitor your progress. It offers a gradual increase of intensity and density to your training without overloading you to the point of injury and keeps the program fresh. De-Load makes sure that your body has a chance to recover from the strength /weight training elements of the workouts. You also get a chance to stretch, mobilise and work on tissue quality ( self massage) too.

In June we will trial 06:30 Bootcamps 5 days a week – there will still be 3 different workouts each week – Monday / Thursday; Tuesday / Friday; Wednesday / 09:00 Saturday will match up. As usual I will adapt the plan for those in the group – and change the equipment we use. So when you do a complete week you’ll be engaged and interested, putting lots of effort into your training and getting Unbelievable Results.

I’m sure many of you will really benefit from increasing the number of workout you perform each week.

Some of you that work shifts will benefit as there will be more sessions for you to drop-in !!

So don’t delay and start your body transformation journey.

If you have any questions about your best options – get in touch….

We’re getting great results reports almost daily – text yours to me every week… it really works. Get the encouragement and support of the group and inspire your training buddies. Its a WIN WIN thing!

Just one of the reasons my system JUST works!!

Jackie Allen
Program Director
Fitness Solutions