Transformation Story- Julia

I’ve been asked again and again to show the fantastic results my clients have had.
Often we’re too busy having fun to take photos. which is a good thing, I think!

This made me realise that my system gives great results – but I don’t shout about it enough!
So, this year, my 30th in Fitness, I decided to reduce my group exercise teaching program so I could concentrate on Semi-Private and Personal Training and my On-line plans, that helped – in combination, so many of my clients achieve brilliant FAST fat loss and more importantly give them the tools to stay healthy and fit because the lifestyle changes they made are all sustainable.

Julia came to me via another client- as most do. – thanks Nic.

A joy to teach, always enthusiastic, willing to give anything a go.
She introduced 3 of her friends too!

She joined small group fit camps, attending 3 times a week. These 30-35 minute sessions never repeat, roll through a 5 week training progression.

I took photos when she came in for her body composition analysis. So Here are some before and after shots…
They are proving a bit tricky to add into this blog but the will appear soon!

The sessions in her plan included HIIT, Tabata, MRT, MCT, Circuits and many other formats to ensure maximum effect in the least amount of time.
My sessions are hard work – F.A.S.T stands for Fast, Anearobic, Strength Training… So you can expect to sweat, work harder than you ever have before but leave feeling exhilarated.
Safety is my priority, and my years of experience means I can accommodate most people- no matter what size, shape or fitness level they are.

I think Julia is a fantastic example of how you can completely transform your body and rework your lifestyle to include a balance of fun, work and wellness.

To follow in Julia’s footsteps text “JULIA” to 07831 680086 for a 7 Day Free Trial.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – all my program’s have a full money back promise
If you sign up and then don’t get results you get your money back- simple.

Training Miss Match?

Group Personal Training is Changing the Fitness Industry!308


What is Group Personal Training?

In a nutshell, Group Personal Training is a hybrid of personal training and boot camp. It combines the benefits of individualized programming with the fun and motivation of being in a group setting.


Look, if you’re going to your boot camp without fitness assessments, no customised programming, and basically following a random, ‘thrash you till you drop’ workout for today, then I think you’ll not get the results you deserve…Soon you will be out of bootcamp, out of training and back to where you were before you started…

On the flip side, if you’re getting results week on week, always feel enthusiastic about your sessions, have made new friends, are avoiding injuries and know more now about how to stay fit and healthy than before you started your fitness campaign – then well done you’ve probably found the best trainer for you in your area.


However, I truly believe….





  • My clients love it for the affordability and accountability, while still getting a personalized training program.
  • I love it because I can reach more clients in less time and still feel great about the service I’m delivering


  • In fact for some clients it’s a better service than one-on-one training! Being able to blend into a small group has it’s advantages.


  • Being able to train 2 or 3 times a week for the cost of 1 PT session is a great Bonus too!


  • I can meet new clients and find out what they want and design a program that will get them there.


  • The best mix – a combination of Private and Group sessions. This way my clients get a good start – they benefit from movement screening, posture analysis, activity ‘Homework’ and an adapted personal warm-up to guarantee pain free progress.


  • Regular Body Composition Analysis – quickly and simply find out your Body Fat%, Scale Weight, BMI, Girth Measurements, Hydration, Metabolic Age, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and monitor dangerous, hidden Internal Fat.



  • Group socials and events like
    • Saturday Lunch ‘n’ Learn
    • Race for Life – Walk or Run then Lunch at the House in the Tree
    • Workshops
    • Eating Plans
    • Online Workouts follow along video content
    • Special invitation sessions
    • Daily Tweets @jaxallenfitness
    • Facebook pages – Jax Allen  FatlossSolutions PilatesSolutions
    • Facebook groups – for support, advice & Q&A
    • Blogs – recipes, articles, news



Group Sessions £4 – £6.75

Drop-In to any group session £10

Private Training Sessions from £20 – £25


Text for your

F.REE Trial Session

Text ‘Fitcamp’

NOW to 07831 680086

You’ll find my Hayden Hill Wellness studio on Google maps

Search for GL51 0SW Cheltenham to find us.


Mats, Kettle Bells, Suspension Trainers, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, Rollers, Gliders, fresh citrus water and a warm, friendly welcome are all waiting for you.


Group Personal Training Fees


Drop In                         £10

10 Pack                         £67.50

20 Pack                         £110

50 Pack                         £250

100 Pack                       £400


Personal Training Fees


Single                            £25

5 Pack                           £115

10 Pack                         £200


Text me, Jax Allen, for your

F.REE Trial Session

Text ‘Fitcamp’

NOW to 07831 680086