Fat loss Tip #14

Fatloss Tips from 1000’s of people that succeeded in losing over 50lbs.

14. Start
How do you expect to accomplish your goals if you never work towards achieving them? Beginning is half the challenge. Don’t be afraid of failure. People who lost over 50 pounds stopped waiting for things to happen, and went out and made things happen

As a fitness instructor I hear people say things like
“When I loose weight I’ll join a gym”
” when I’m fitter I’ll get a trainer”

Very frustrating! I know that with the right support and guidance, which shouldn’t be never ending or extremely demanding, results should and do come with ease and quick enough to motivate more effort.

I’ve just read a Facebook post from a lady who has been following an online video style workout. Having completed the fitness sessions she’s now doing Yoga. She has lots of followers and
Now she is putting people off with silly tails of her injuries and accidents.
I’m horrified that she could influence her readers away from a demanding, effective fitness route by attempting exercises that a qualified I structor would build up to over months not weeks!


Yoga is about fitness, yes. But it’s a lot more than that! It’s a practice- unlike general fitness you strive for perfection through this practise – along the way you will learn to control stress and your breathe- balance strength and flexibility and so develop healthy posture and a pain free mobile body.

Trying to follow a video while upside down in a balance and then complaining the exercise is at fault when you fall over or hurt yourself is silly!

Go to a class, they aren’t all about chanting and meditation or about being a vegetarian or would be Buddhist!

I teach Fitness Yoga which is widely available in the community and via Health Clubs – so easy to try.
Go get a trial class- it’s great cross training for any sport, is offers a change of pace from other group exercise sessions, you will find it demanding and powerful- but taught by a real person. A teacher that will observe, adapt the program for you, coach you into and out of your postures will ensure you are safe.

Add the yoga DVD to the other dusty exercise videos on your shelf and save hours of your precious time in A&E or with your Physical Therapist!,


Why Choose Fitness Yoga

Are you looking for a “DIFFERENT” fitness program that will make you

FACT: Stress Makes You Fat!
Meditation is proven to reduce stress and improve overall health well-being.
Yoga is Meditation in Motion!
You know that working out will help get your body toned and slender.
But, did you know that Yoga brings you to a whole new level of fitness, too?
Yoga is meditation in motion. In conjunction with a good workout or by itself, yoga offers amazing health benefits on both the physical and mental level.
The three main benefits of Yoga are…
· Increased flexibility and reduced muscle injury
· Stress reduction and better sleep
· Leaner body and firmer muscle tone so you look better and feel great about yourself
It doesn’t matter if you’re a long time yoga fan or are just interested in trying something new. This program is for everyone at all fitness levels and caters to beginners and the more advanced. Everyone is welcome.

You don’t need a gym membership to join FitnessSolutionsUK.com Yoga!
Fitness Yoga Classes
Tuesday 18:00 starts 11th October
Wednesday 19:45 running NOW

You’re busy, so it’s important to give you the most value for your time. You won’t need to pay for a separate gym membership if you want to enjoy the benefits of yoga at Fitness Solutions uk
Get your body in shape, using proven yoga techniques to tone the flab on your body, become more flexible and reduce your stress by attending a relaxing yet challenging class.
Ancient breathing and movement techniques to heat the body while enjoying contemporary music. It’s the perfect combination of old meets new to sooth your body while you boost your mind-body fitness.
Note: Our program focuses on health and well-being, not spirituality.

Fitness Solutions uk offers a stress-free atmosphere and comfortable environment to get the most out of each yoga session.

You may feel a little nervous trying something new, that’s okay.
We’re certified in teaching all levels of yoga, you don’t have to know a thing about yoga to get started or worry that you’ll be behind or not flexible enough. You’ll soon feel at home, even if you’ve never attended a yoga class in the past!
Even if you love yoga and have been doing it for a while, everyone ranging from complete beginners to the most advanced are sure to get the experience that’s just right for them.
Here’s what you can expect when you join our yoga program:
· Decrease your stress level
· Increase your sense of health and well-being
· Enhance your fitness program by bringing it to the next level
· Tone your body, remove the ‘kinks’ in your muscles and increase your flexibility
· In addition to relaxation each session end with Active Tissue Release exercises using a foam roller to improve the quality of your soft tissue.
Experience meditation in motion and that calming, ZEN feeling by joining a yoga class today. In fact, try a class for FREE to get started.

Fitness Yoga Classes : Wednesday 19:45 Running NOW
: Tuesday 18:00 Starts 11th October 2011