Why You Can’t Lose Even 1 or 2lbs Every Week

How much weight SHOULD you

lose each week?

Your body won’t look ‘right’ by just simply losing weight. Most of us have tried that – you decide to lose a few pounds, you stick to your plan and as you get close to your goal you realise you just don’t look how you imagined.  Yes – it’s important to re-shape your body through proper fat loss methods but where should you set your weekly target?

In recent months, science has proven that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week doesn’t work without an inevitable plateau effect. If 1-2 pounds per week were an effective way to lose weight, you (and every other dieter) would disappear within about a year… it just doesn’t work, your body adapts to reduced calories and your weight loss stalls.. and then creeps back on again.

The best way to lose weight, or even better — lose bodyfat — is by aggressively pursuing a rapid fat loss protocol. The goal shouldn’t be to slowly lose weight; instead, consider using ‘sprint’ periods for weight loss and fat loss goals. Follow these with ‘maintenance’ periods and you’ll witness remarkable results. AND more importantly keep your new shape and weight.

My studies keep me up to date with current research and the experience I have with my ‘real’ clients shows me that not everything we hear on TV and read in magazines is current and up-to-date. This week alone, I’ve heard a GP on TV recommending a low fat diet to lose weight, and a ‘Diet Expert’ encouraging everyone to avoid English breakfasts and choose cereals instead!!  Very sad, as we now know without any doubt, that popular box cereals are processed, simple sugars, full of additives that when you eat them increase your chances of carb cravings, reliance on sugar for energy and body fat storage. Probably the worst start to your day.

Whereas, the natural balance of proteins and fats in a Full English breakfast will digest slower, provide great nutrition – high in essential proteins, health promoting fats and essential cholesterol. The other bonus is you feel you’re having a treat, you feel full and not hunting for your next snack by 11 O’clock.

I keep an eye on what’s ‘actually working’ while working with ‘real’ people. I’ve taken 2 approaches to ensure the information you get from me is based upon scientific fact, as well as clinical real-life outcomes:

  1. I’ve studied exercise theory and practise, nutrition and body composition management for 30 years and feel that I can safely and effectively guide you towards health and well being.
  2. I’ve developed simple plans that have been proved to work so you can believe in my ability to help you lose weight and get the body you deserve.


Dreaming about your SIX PACK?

Dreaming about returning to SPORT?

Dreaming about having a BEACH BODY?


Want to lose inches from your waist – YOU CAN

Want to reshape your hips and thighs – YOU CAN

Want to banish bingo wings – YOU CAN


Need to lose weight for health reasons – YOU WILL

Need to reduce pressure on your joints – YOU WILL

Need to relax more and sleep better – YOU WILL



All you need to do is DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION…..


It’s simple you can join us in 2013 for a 14 day trial for just £14…. You decide when to start, you get 14 consequetive days to attend as many sessions as you like.

PLUS –  a one 2 one with me to discuss and set your goals

PLUS – an assessment of your body composition

PLUS – access to back-ground information including

–         meal plans and recipes

–         exercise videos

–         daily hints and tips to keep you on track

These plans work if :


You do all or most of your exercise at home

– on your own or with friends.


You train with me 2 or 3 times each week.


You train for sport but need help with your eating plan.


You’re fit but still carrying too much body fat.


OR like many of the people I meet – are completely confused and don’t know what to believe or who to trust!


What to do NOW..   Decide to join us before the end of January 2013…..    Get in touch with me


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07831 680086


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I want you to achieve your health and fitness goals in 2013 – so TAKE ACTION – NOW!          Jax Allen 50/2012



Starting Points – Know Where You Are – NOW!

Starting Points – know where you are Now

In order to record results you need to …..
Either come to us for a Starting Points session to be weighed and measured OR do it yourself….

BODY FAT % – We can measure your body fat – this requires just a few minutes… We are able to do this quick appointment all within your fees. You’ll also discover your metabolic age, internal fat% and much more.

WEIGH IN – use the same scales every time – not more than weekly. The fitter you get the less accurate and meaningful scale weight becomes. Remember muscle weighs MUCH more than body fat – BUT measures about 20% less.

MEASURE – neck; chest/bust; ribs; navel; pubis; thigh; upper arm. We will never ask you to measure in SO many places that you are bound to show inch loss… we ask you to keep your measurements and tell us your success stories as the camp progresses.
Always measure the same side of your body, wear similar clothes, or just your undies.
Where you measure does make a difference so here are a few tips..
Neck – no particular guidelines
Chest – keep the tape level all the way round and on the nipple line.
Ribs – for girls under the bust line, where your bra strap would be.
Navel – this is in line with your belly button.
Pubis – this in line with your pubic bone.
Thigh – just under the fold of your buttock – so quite high up (don’t always go for the fattest bit –as this will move.
Upper Arm – mid way between shoulder and elbow.
If you want to measure your calf – do so. I believe that your calf will reduce if you are very overweight – but will then stay pretty much the same – no mater what you do.

If you feel you would like more help with your food choices, eating patterns and goal setting, book an additional personal session with Jackie.
The best motivator is a photographic record… so find your camera/phone and take front view and side view NOW! Then every 2 weeks take some more. You will be amazed!

Transformation stories are very motivating for everyone trying to make changes, we have a few that you can read, if you want to speak to campers that have tried this fatloss system we can put you in touch.

Good Luck with YOUR transformation

Jax Allen.


Lose 5kg Every 21 Days

Lose 5kg in 21 days !
The question is will you?
1. STOP eating bread, cereals and anything containing a grain for the next 21 days.

2. Avoid drinking caffeine, fruit juice, sodas and alcohol for the next 21 days.

3. Immediately before consuming a meal do just 10 minutes of vigorous exercise, to get a good sweat on.

4. 3 times a week do 25-30 minutes of metabolic cardio and heavy resistance exercise for your whole body. This is not Cardio, this is doing hard muscle exercises such as pushups, squats, split squats, swings and 3D planks (you should have fatigued muscles in 12 repetitions max!

5. Go to bed before 10.30pm EVERY night.
Go give this a try for the next 21 days and see some amazing results!
The other option is to join one of my Fatloss Fitcamps
06:30; 07:30; 09:00; 11:00; 12:30; 19:10
and get the support of the group, my texts, newsletters, blog, websites and workshops to keep you on track and seeing better results than you ever thought possible!!!

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In under 4 weeks you will be 2 sizes smaller and every 4 weeks you’ll get the same results – and then maintain your new healthy body. Full Money Back Guarantee

Jax Allen info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com